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List of Manufacturing Companies in Ruiru

Ruiru is a town with a rapidly growing economy, thanks to the high number of manufacturing factories located here.

The following is a list of some of the manufacturing companies in Ruiru.

1. Kenrub Limited

The company was founded in 1979, and it deals with the manufacture of quality rubber products.

Physical Address: Along Biashara Street, Ruiru, Kiambu

Tel: 020 201 8427

Website: https://www.kenrub.biz

2. Sossi Feeds Limited

The company deals in manufacture and distribution of animal feeds.

Physical Address:

Tel: 0713 106 120

Website: http://www.sossifeeds.co.ke

3. Spinners & Spinners Limited

The company is a textile manufacturer that was established in Kenya back in 1979.

Physical Address: Along Ruiru Kamiti Road, Ruiru, Kiambu, Kenya

Tel: 0722 206 959 / 0733 900 015

Website: https://www.spinners.co.ke

4. Jetlak Foods Limited

This is a food and beverage manufacturing company that specializes in bottled water, fruit juices, fruit-flavored and nutritional drinks.

Physical Address: Factory Access, Off Kiambu Road, Ruiru

Tel: 020 207 7411

Website: http://www.jetlak.com/jetlak

5. Danco Capital Limited

They are the leading manufacturers of HDPE, DWC, PPR, Telecon duct & accessories, and UPVC piping systems.

Physical Address: Ruiru Town Centre, Opposite Kamahuha Distributors, Ruiru, Kiambu

Tel: 0711 641 414 / 0731 641 414

Website: https://dancoplastics.com

6. Pride Mabati

Pride Mabati is a leading premium mabati manufacturer that was established in 2010.

Physical Address: Next to Total Petrol station Kihunguro, Ruiru, Kiambu

Tel: 0704 316 682

Website: https://www.pridemabati.co.ke

7. Daima Spire Mabati Limited

Daima Spire Mabati is a manufacturer of both residential and commercial iron sheets.

Physical Address: Njiri Karago Road, Ruiru, Kiambu

Tel: 0715 122 690

8. Ruiru Mabati Factory Limited

The company specializes in the manufacture of roofing products.

Physical Address: Along Ruiru Kamiti Road, Ruiru, Kiambu

Tel: 0111 050 700

Website: https://www.ruirumabati.co.ke

9. Devki Steel Mills Limited

Devki is the largest steel manufacturer in Kenya.

Physical Address: Opposite The Ruiru Station, Ruiru Kamiti Road, Ruiru, Kiambu

Tel: 0756 020 125 / 0756 020 132 / 0756 020 134

Website: https://devkisteel.com

10. Trivon Trading Company Limited

The company is a manufacturer and supplier of water treatment solutions.

Physical Address: Along Thika Road, Ruiru, Kiambu

Tel: 0790 145 145

Email: [email protected]

11. Superfoam Limited

Founded in 1983, Superfoam Limited is the leading manufacturer of world class conform mattresses and pillows.

Physical Address: Next to Prison Staff Training College, Ruiru, Kiambu

Tel: 0755 101 731

Website: https://www.superfoam.co.ke

12. Brookside Dairy Limited

Brookside is a dairy processing company founded in Kenya in 1993, serving the Eastern African community and Indian Ocean Islands.

Physical Address: Off Thika Road, Opposite Kenyatta University, Ruiru, Kenya

Tel: 020 235 4677

Website: https://www.brookside.co.ke

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