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Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson Relationship Timeline

Despite being married to Wendy Williams until 2020, Kevin has been in a long term relationship with Sharina, his current baby mama, since 2007.

And being a side chic, she had to keep the relationship a secret for over a decade, especially with Wendy Williams being a public figure.

Wendy said that she did know about the affair but decided to stay in her marriage to Kevin.

The pair kept their relationship private and with Sharina not being a celebrity, it was easier. But everything changed after pictures of her baby bump surfaced on the internet.

They tried to keep their affair private but everything changed after Tasha K, a YouTuber shared details about their relationship online.

Wendy defended them and dismissed everything as a rumor forcing the couple to delete the baby bump photos.

But after she gave birth to Kevin’s child, Wendy gave into the pressure and filed for a divorce in 2019.

Wendy hired a private investigator who followed Kevin around and took photos of him and Hudson spending time together, while he had lied that he was out of town for a business meeting.

The divorce was quite messy as it left Wendy broken but in time for her to fight her substance abuse and alcoholism issue which she had started while married.

On the other hand, the divorce made it easier for Kevin to finally move in with Sharina and even propose to her.

2007: Charlamagne Tha God Introduces Sharina to Kevin Hunter

Hudson was a massage therapist operating in Hollywood; unfortunately her line of work couldn’t make her famous.

Sure, she worked with some of the major production companies, but her job didn’t make her famous.

Her affair with Kevin is what made her popular, but they had dated for over a decade when they were caught.

The first time the two met they was in the presence of Charlamagne Tha God. Hunters said that Charlamagne introduced him to Hudson, a budding model. Charlamagne hoped that Hunter would help manage Hudson’s modeling career.

The radio presenter has known Hudson for years; in fact, they grew up together in South Carolina, so he was helping an old friend develop a modeling career.

And while her modeling career didn’t take off, the two fell in love and started seeing each other.

2017: Rumors of Sharina Moving Into a $765,000 Mansion That Hunter Had Purchased in 2016

The couple kept their relationship secret with Hunter admitting that he loved both Wendy and Sharina.

He even purchased a 4-bedroom house in Morristown which is about 9 miles from his then home with Wendy.

While they were having an affair, Wendy suspected it and even confronted him about it. But Kevin dismissed it saying it’s a bank teller and he would break things off, which he never did.

Unfortunately, a number of photos surfaced of Hunters having an affair with Sharina and Wendy acknowledged seeing the photos, but defended her husband. After all, she didn’t want her son to grow up without his dad in his life.

She even addressed the hot topic on her show and claimed that she loved the attention. She called it a weird story and asked everyone to Google her hubby to see the story.

Wendy then paused while holding her wedding ring and said that she will stand by her guy.

 Even her spokesperson Torossian Ronn denied the affair in public. Ronn said that Sharina is just Hunter’s friend.

2019: The Story of Sharina’s Pregnancy Hits the Tabloid

Wendy kept defending her husband even after the story of Hudson becoming pregnant hit the tabloids.

 It became the biggest story in the American entertainment scene, but it started as a rumor which Wendy joked about in her show.

Kevin and Sharina were also photographed by paparazzi at the Theater District Parking Garage together.

After the pregnancy joke, Sharina and Kevin took some of the photos down and continued with their lives.

However, a YouTuber named Tasha K couldn’t sweep the story under the rags. Instead, she shared more about the family on one of her videos that went viral.

Unfortunately, neither Sharina nor Hunter denied the claim; instead, they decided to remain silent about the matter.

March 2019: Sharina Give’s Birth to Hunter’s Second Child

When the rumors of her pregnancy hit the tabloids, Sharina was already pregnant and she gave birth to Hunter’s second daughter.

Tasha K talked about the birth of Kevin’s second child on her YouTube page but Wendy dismissed her claims.

Tasha K even confirmed that the child’s name was Journey.

April 2019: Wendy Files for a Divorce

After the affair became public and Sharina gave birth to Kevin’s second child, Wendy finally gave in and couldn’t dismiss the baby bump pictures anymore.

 She hired a PI who followed Hunter everywhere, photographing him with his mistress and their new baby.

Wendy filed for a divorce in April 2019 that resulted in her paying Kevin $250,000 per month as Alimony payment.

The payment was for a new home since she wanted Kevin to leave her home, and then put it up for sale.

As part of their divorce settlement, Kevin signed his Wendy Production Company shares to her and she even got full control over their shared account.

On the other hand, Hunter kept all his other businesses and cars. The divorce was finalized in January 2020 with Wendy keeping their Florida family home while Kevin kept the proceeds of their New Jersey home which he sold.

In an interview with the New York Times Magazine, Wendy shared that the affair and his daughter motivated her to file for a divorce.

She said that Kevin had cheated with many girls throughout their married life, but Sharina was his longest affair.

Wendy forgave him several times, but she couldn’t just dismiss the birth of Kevin’s daughter.

October 2021: Sharina Gets Engaged to Kevin

After getting a divorce, Kevin moved in with his new family and they even got engaged in 2021.

Kevin proposed with an $80,000 ring, which she was seen wearing in public. The couple even started going out in public together after the divorce. They have been seen together in various events, market places and restaurants.

Kevin was seen showering his fiancée with gifts including Rolls Royce convertible, a gold Ferrari, and luxurious Chanel bags.

Since Wendy was paying Kevin alimony of about $250,000 per month, the couple could have fun together.

2023: Sharina and Kevin Part Ways

After the show got canceled, Wendy could no longer pay Kevin the $250,000 and this resulted in him going into debt.

He tried to sue Wendy, but she said that she can’t pay him, since her show had been canceled.

But he claimed that she stopped sending the payment a few months before the show got canceled. The judge dismissed his claim resulting in him being sued by various entities.

He has been sued by UBS for failing to make the monthly payment for his credit card which he had acquired in 2014. Kevin was even forced to sell some of his cars and houses to settle his pending debts.

It is rumored that by mid-2023, Sharina had already walked away leaving him depressed and in debt. She even sued him for child upkeep and called him a deadbeat dad.

Currently, the home he shared with Sharina is being sold for about $1.2 million. The home has 5 bedrooms, an open kitchen and 4.5 bathrooms.

Unfortunately, we don’t know why they parted ways, but some YouTubers claim it’s because Kevin became broke.

Others claim it’s because Sharina and Wendy started making fun of each other and Hunter may have become disappointed. Some even speculate that he may get back with Wendy, which is actually impossible.  

2023: Kevin Files For bankruptcy

By the end of 2023 Kevin had filed for bankruptcy amid his insurance lawsuit. He even revealed that he is homeless and in depression after Sharina left him.

Check Kevin’s latest whereabouts here: Where Is Kevin Hunter Now? 

Nikita Waruguru

Nikita Waruguru is a Kenyalogue freelance writer who focuses on TV, celebrity gossip, and pop culture. She's been interested in TV and entertainment from a young age. She wrote her first blog post 10 years ago and has since written more than 3000 news articles, features, and lists. When she's not writing about the latest Netflix reality shows, you can find her binge-watching one or listening to music.

Nikita Waruguru
Nikita Waruguru is a Kenyalogue freelance writer who focuses on TV, celebrity gossip, and pop culture. She's been interested in TV and entertainment from a young age. She wrote her first blog post 10 years ago and has since written more than 3000 news articles, features, and lists. When she's not writing about the latest Netflix reality shows, you can find her binge-watching one or listening to music.

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