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Is it True that Twitch Streamer XQc Ex-Girlfriend, Adept Was Arrested?  

Twitch streamer XQc ex-girlfriend Chelseas Kreiner, also known as Adept is rumored to have been arrested on the night of February 21, 2024 by the LAPD. 

The official reason for her arrest has not yet been confirmed and the police have not issued a statement either. 

However, many of her fans speculate that it was related to the illegal sale of the McLaren 720s Spider.  This car has been a source of a major conflict between the two as each claims ownership and possession of it after the breakup. 

The rumors started circulating on the internet after one of XQc’s streams about someone stealing his car, the McLaren 720s Spider went viral.

The car is stolen amidst the court order that was given to freeze all of XQc’s assets due to a recent legal battle.

Therefore, anyone selling the car now would be doing it illegally. Though he did not mention that Adept is the one who stole the car, fans speculation began doing rounds on the internet.   

XQc said that he got wind of the sold car from a random fan on Instagram who sent a picture of the said car. 

He confirmed that it was the same color scheme as his own but the number plates were different which made the fans get mixed reactions about it. 

The question remains, can this information shared by a random Instagram fan be trusted enough?

Fans took advantage of this situation to troll Adept calling her all manner of names.   Some took to the internet and created false mugshots of Adept, claiming that she was in jail after her arrest by the police.  They strongly shared their opinion as to why Adept should be arrested for selling the car without XQc’s consent.

Neither the police nor Adept have made any statements in the public or social media regarding the ongoing rumors. 

Adept has also not commented on the rumor on any off her social media pages – Youtube and Instagram.  She is a content creator on YouTube and posts videos on her channel and gaming updates on Instagram often.

We can expect that she will share her side of the story and the truth will be soon out to the public. In the meantime, the drama between these two former lovebirds continues to grow like wildfire on social media.

So whether it is fact or fiction, only time will tell as both parties share more information regarding the matter.

 If she is guilty of selling the car, Adept could face the law because the court had frozen it.  It can only be successfully sold once the court lifts the freezing of XQc’s assets.

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