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How to Join BATUK in Kenya

BATUK is an abbreviation for British Army Training Unit in Kenya.

The training support unit is located at the Nyati Barracks in Nanyuki in Laikipia County and has a small training ground in Nairobi.

BATUK ‘s mission is to offer high-caliber infantry battle group training exercises for Kenya Defence Forces going for peacekeeping missions in Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo and forward operating bases in Kenya.

The training is conducted under the Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) with the government of Kenya.

Every year, at least six infantry training exercises are conducted by BATUK, to prepare them for operational deployment or assumption of tasks that require high readiness.

In real numbers, more than 5,000 British soldiers and Kenya Defence Forces undergo training at the expansive Lolldaiga Conservancy.

Royal Engineering exercises and medical deployments from BATUK also provide civilians with civil engineering and healthcare services, respectively.

Many Kenyans are interested in joining BATUK but do not know how to go about it.

Well, one thing you need to know is that BATUK does announce job vacancies in Kenya from time to time.

The recruitment exercises by BATUK in Kenya are meant for Kenyan nationals only.

All you need to do is be on the lookout for such vacancies and send your application.

To bring this to perspective, the training unit currently employs more than five hundred Kenyans in various roles, helping in community service projects in the country.

What Kind of Jobs Vacancies are Available?

BATUK regularly hires chefs, cooks, cafe staff, cafe managers, general duty staff, drivers, engineers, vehicle mechanics, accountants, production managers, plumbers and cleaners, among other roles.

The jobs could be permanent or contract-based depending on the services required.

The vacancies are normally posted on local job boards such as MyJobmag, Fuzu, and Carrerpoint Solutions.

Other job sites that publish BATUK jobs include Direct Hire and Recours Four Global.

How to Apply

For local job applications, BATUK accepts online applications via a link usually shared at the end of the job posting.

Recently, the unit started accepting direct email applications to c[email protected].

Sometimes they request applicants to direct their applications to the Civil Labour Office in Nanyuki or Nairobi.

Alternatively, applications can be channeled online via the BATUK Community Liaison Team, which has also established an online job application system.

Candidates must submit a CV, relevant certifications, and testimonials for each application.

Sometimes, a certificate of good conduct from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations is required.

Qualifications and Experience

The required qualifications and experience for BATUK jobs for Kenyans usually vary depending on the job type and rank.

Mostly, the academic requirements are a diploma or certificate in a relevant field and between 0 to 3 years of prior experience.

Previous working experience with BATUK is highly advantageous when applying for a new role within the unit.

Besides the academic qualifications, one of the most emphasized requirements is good knowledge and understanding of written and spoken British English.

Obviously, that’s because of the expected regular interaction with people from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities in the course of work.

BATUK, being a military organization, requires highly disciplined, well-behaved staff who can work under high pressure and execute instructions with high precision.

Soft skills such as collaborative teamwork, pride in one’s job, and intrinsic motivation are highly desirable.

BATUK Job Salaries

Salaries at BATUK vary with job type and experience level.

For instance, a spot check revealed that as of 2021, a driver/maintainer job at BATUK could pay a salary range between Ksh.46, 985 to Ksh. 61,305 per month.

Higher ranking jobs such as managers and heads of divisions can pay well over Ksh.100,000 monthly salary.

On average, the monthly salary at BATUK is about Ksh. 21,000, being the mean salary for all job categories.

In sum, if you want to work with BATUK, get the relevant diploma, certificate, and degree qualifications and keep tabs on any job adverts that can get you in.

Follow them on their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn) for valuable job insights and other relevant information.

Working at BATUK can be a rewarding and exciting experience in a great working environment and perfect location at the foothills of Mount Kenya, adjacent to the beautiful town of Nanyuki and the neighboring wildlife and nature conservancies.

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