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How Much Does a Personal Assistant for MCA earn in Kenya?

Members of the County Assembly are always busy, from attending county assembly sessions to visiting their wards for different developmental forums and simultaneously creating time to be with their families.

 It can be challenging to do all that by themselves without help.

That is where MCA personal assistants come in. 

They carry out several tasks on behalf of the MCA and help them deliver their mandate effortlessly.

Among the tasks entrusted to MCA assistants include welcoming office visitors, driving the MCA, sending emails, scheduling meetings, keeping invoice records, typing minutes, and running other errands as assigned by the MCA.

 So, how much do these personal assistants earn?

MCA Personal Assistant Salary in Kenya

Personal assistants to MCAs take home an average of Ksh. 80,000, with all allowances (medical, house, etc.) included.

It is fair compensation given all the errands they have to run in helping the MCA accomplish his legislative duties.

This pay is not uniform in some counties and may vary depending on factors like location and the amount of work involved.

For example, due to renting cost differences, the house allowance for an MCA personal assistant in Nairobi can be different from that of a personal assistant in Isiolo or Laikipia.  

Who Pays MCA Personal Assistants in Kenya

The county assembly compensates MCA personal assistants.

Therefore, MCAs do not employ them.

They are the responsibility of county governments because they help MCAs to run their wards seamlessly.

Additional compensation may come personally from the MCA for tasks unrelated to those stipulated by the county government. 

Other MCA Assistant Salaries

Besides personal assistants, MCAs have other assistants like drivers, security officers, cleaning supervisors, tea girls or cooks, messengers, personal secretaries, and ward managers.

Salaries for these other assistants may vary in different counties.

These jobs have lower qualifications, mainly KCSE certificates hence may only pay a little (maximum Ksh. 30,000), but they create an employment avenue for those without higher education qualifications.

Besides the KCSE certificate qualification, experience also plays a role in determining the salary.

Does Nominated MCA Have a Personal Assistant in Kenya?

Yes, nominated MCAs also have personal assistants.

They have equal mandates, opportunities, and resources as elected MCAs which justifies them having personal assistants.

Their personal assistants earn the same pay as those serving elected members of the county assembly, which is around Ksh. 80,000 inclusive allowances. 

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