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Meet Heiner Hochegger, One of the Remaining Descendants of Adolf Hitler

Anyone who loves history probably knows about Adolf Hitler, a ruthless Nazi leader whose murderous campaigns led to the death of millions of Jews.

Hitler believed he was a member of the Master Race, the Aryan race, and ordered the deaths of innocent people to accelerate his “perfection” ideology.

However, while he believed that only his lineage deserved to live on this planet, things might have taken a different turn, considering that his descendants are determined to end his bloodline by not procreating.

As one of only surviving descendants of Der Fuhrer (The Leader), Adolf Hitler, Heiner Hochegger is one man who is determined to ensure that his great-uncle’s legacy ends completely.

Heiner chose to live a lonely life away from the public eye.

Though, being of Hitler’s lineage, it is quite impossible to evade public curiosity.

So, who is Heiner Hochegger?

Profile Summary

  • Real name: Heiner Hochegger
  • Gender: Male
  • Born: 1945
  • Age: 68 years (as of 2023)
  • Place of birth: Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
  • Current residence: Austria
  • Nationality: Germany
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Mother: Elfriede Maria Raubal
  • Father: Ernst Hochegger
  • Sibling: 1

Early Life and Family Background

Heiner Hochegger was born in 1945 to Elfriede Maria Raubal and Ernst Hochegger in Dusseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

His mother was the daughter of Leo Raubal and Angela Hitler, Hitler’s half-sister.

Angela Hitler had three children: Leo Rudolf Raubal, Elfriede Raubal, and Geli Raubal who died of a gunshot wound in 1931 in Hitler’s Munich apartment.  

That makes Heiner Hochegger Hitler’s great nephew and one of the only five surviving descendants.

Not much is known about his father, Dr. Ernst Hochegger, besides being a law practitioner during the war who died in 1985.

Although it is not yet clear if Heiner Hochegger has any other siblings, some sources claim that Elfriede Raubal had another son, Alois Kennedy, whom she got from her marriage with Claus Kennedy.

Generally, Heiner had a normal childhood as his parents did their best to shield him from the public eye.

They did so to protect him from the dark family history and allow him to grow with his values and beliefs.

However, it was during his teenage years that his parents decided to reveal the truth about his lineage, which allowed him to learn about his great-uncle’s leadership.

They did this carefully, balancing honesty, personal well-being, and ancestral history.

Education and Career

Although Heiner’s education is yet to reach the public domain, it is believed that he has a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in international relations from a renowned university in Germany.

His excellent academic performance allowed him to demonstrate a keen interest in understanding the societal and political factors that allowed his great-uncle to rise to power quickly.

He also strived to understand his family’s history, while still trying his best to distance himself from it.

Upon completion of his education, Heiner took a career path that aligned with his passion to promote peace, tolerance, and social understanding.

He decided to work with conflict resolution and diplomatic organizations to counteract negative ideologies that had caused so much suffering to innocent citizens.

These included those set by his great-uncle Adolf Hitler.

He also partnered with international organizations to promote peaceful dialogues and cooperation among diverse communities.

Heiner Hochegger’s Family

As one of Adolf’s descendants, everyone would be curious to know if Heiner Hochegger has any children or if he is determined to carry the ancestral legacy.

However, this is contrary to his belief to end his great-uncle’s bloodline by not marrying or having children.

According to David Gardner, none of the surviving descendants of Adolf Hitler, including Heiner, married or had children.

The decision raised global speculations over the years that they had signed a pact to remain childless and let Hitler’s lineage end naturally.

However, according to David’s book, The Last of the Hitlers: The Story of Adolf Hitler’s British Nephew and the Amazing Pact to Make Sure His Genes Die Out, no pact was signed.

They only agreed amongst themselves not to marry or have children after weighing the burden they had in establishing themselves as a way to end their lineage.

The statement, however, was refuted by Alexander Stuart-Houston, one of Heiner’s surviving cousins, who claimed in an interview that he didn’t know of such an agreement.

He revealed that one of his brothers had tried to marry a Jewish girlfriend unsuccessfully, although he did not reveal the name of the brother.

Conclusively, Heiner’s decision not to have his family is a personal choice rather than a family agreement.

Although, sources reveal that it is the family’s dark sinister history that led to a mutual agreement to end Hitler’s lineage.

Therefore, whether Heiner was ever married or not, his family details remain unknown to date.

Heiner’s Current Occupation and Activism

Currently, Heine continues to participate actively in conflict resolution, while promoting reconciliation and understanding.

He also engages in active public speaking and urges his audience to confront the legacies of hatred and intolerance.

By understanding the gravity of his family history and its consequences, Heiner has chosen to use his position to fight for positive change, encourage empathy, and criticize discriminatory ideologies.

Moreover, while he still maintains a private life, he acknowledges the importance of his family history and uses it to pass valuable lessons to the next generations.

This is seen in his determination to be among the last of Hitler’s generations that generally claimed to be the Master Race.

According to him, he cannot pass the burden of his infamous family name to the next generations yet even his connection to the ruthless leader was hard to bear.

The Bottom Line

Heiner Hochegger is a living testament to the complexities of a bad family history and the choices one can take to change it.

Although his identity and connection to Adolf Hitler were revealed to the public in 2004, he has managed to maintain a private life, with some people claiming it is an agreed decision to end Hitler’s bloodline.

Therefore, instead of allowing his ancestral history to define him, Heiner took a different path and dedicated his life to promoting peace and understanding and rejecting negative ideologies that caused immense global suffering.

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