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15 Famous People Who Mocked God and Died

It is much safer when you fail to do the Do’s than choose to do the Don’ts. People, out of ignorance mock God, a Sovereign Supreme Being. They do it with an excuse that they do not believe in His existence.

Well, if you do not believe in Him then keep off.

God exists and is immortal. The evidence of His existence is in the Holy Scriptures: Romans 1: 20. God has left no human being without evidence of His existence.

What does such supremacy require of us inferior beings? In His eyes, the whole world is like a drop in a bucket, less than nothing: Isaiah 40:15-17.

From us God requires honor, respect adoration, and all praise; if this is unfit for you, then DO NOT MOCK GOD. Galatians 6:7 warns.

Are there people who mocked God? What happened to them?

Here is a list of some famous people who deemed themselves smarter than the Creator, and attempted to mock Him, but met premature deaths.

1. John Lennon

John Lennon was an English singer, songwriter, and musician. He gained fame worldwide, as the ‘the Beatles’ band founder.

In an interview, John bragged that ‘the Beatles’ was more popular than Jesus. He even bragged that, “Christianity will go, It will vanish and shrink”.

Little did he know his end and disappearance was close at hand. Not long, he was shot six times by one of his fanatics and died on the spot.

2. Tancredo Nevas

Nevas was a Brazilian politician, lawyer and an entrepreneur. In 1985, he was elected president of the republic.

Nevas had said during presidential campaign that if he got 500000 votes, not even God would remove him from presidency. Surely Nevas won the election, but he died a day before taking office.

3. Agenor de Miranda Araujo Neto

Agenor de Miranda was a Brazilian singer and songwriter better known as Cazuza. His fame started in Brazil after he became the lead singer of the rock band ‘Barao Vermelho’.

He is known to have recorded huge radio hits. Cazuza, while smoking cigarettes, puffed out smoke and said, “God, that’s for you.” Not long did he horribly die of lung cancer. 

4. Captain Edward John Smith

Foster, survived the Titanic ship tragedy. This is what he stated in an article; Someone in the ship heard the captain say, “Even God himself couldn’t sink this ship.”

The captain obviously wanted to give an assurance of how safe ferrying in the ship was. It is said that the ship hit an iceberg, leading to its miserable sinking.

5. Marilyn Monroe

Monroe was among the top popular world sex symbols in the mid-20th century. Monroe was known for playing the ‘blonde bombshell’ comic.

Billy Graham, a preacher had visited her a night before a performance. Graham told her that God’s Spirit sent him to preach to her. She arrogantly responded,  ‘I don’t need your Jesus’

Just a week later, Monroe was found dead in her apartment.

6. Ronald Belford

Popularly known as Bon Scott, he was an Australian singer and songwriter. His arrogance is clear in the song titled; ‘Do not stop me; I’m on the highway to hell

He goes ahead to call hell the promised land.

In 2 Peter 2:4, we see that hell is designated for those who sin against God. It is a place for God’s enemies including the devil as we see in Revelation 20:10. He was choked by his own vomit and died, a year later.

7. 2005 Campinas Car Accident

A mother escorted her daughter to be picked up by friends. The friends in the car were so drunk. Out of concern, the mother said to the daughter; ‘My daughter, go with God and may He protect you’. 

“Only if he (God) travels in the trunk, cause inside here it’s already full’, replied the daughter.

The car was later involved in a fatal accident, and everyone therein died. The trunk, where God was to travel, was found intact with a crate of eggs, none was broken.

8. Christine Hewitt

Hewitt was a Jamaican radio and television personality. Christine referred to the Holy Word of God as the worst book ever written .Her body was found burnt beyond recognition, in her Toyota minivan.

9. Brandon Lee son to Bruce Lee

Brandon Lee was an action film star in America. Lee died out of a firearm malfunction when accidentally, a mishandled prop gun shot by. This happened when he was filming a movie ‘The Crow’ finding God in a Godless place.

There is this part in the movie, ‘Jesus joke’; and this is what Brandon said: “Jesus Christ? Stop me if you heard this one: Jesus Christ walks into a hotel.” Lee died before the movie was out.

10. Timothy Treadwell

He was an environmentalist, documentary film maker and a bear enthusiast.

Treadwell once said, ‘…I don’t see the standard God, the Christian God and all the Allahs.

He also said that he felt like in a presence of a god when he was with a grizzly bear. He dared compare the Creator with a bear!

The American was killed and eaten by a bear.

11. George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw wasa prominent British socialist and a critic. He identified himself as an atheist. Shaw is popular for revolutionizing comedic drama.

Shawl believed man and God worked together by trial and error to gain power over circumstances.

He said, ‘Evil is simply the accumulation of mistakes made by what you call God in his method of Trial and Error’.

While trimming a tree in his home, Shawl fell off a ladder and broke a thigh. Later on, after a day-long coma, he succumbed to death.

12. George Denis Patrick Carlin

Carlin was an influential stand-up comedian in America with dark sense of humor. Carlin openly rejected all forms of religion and said he didn’t believe in God.

He also criticized religion and mocked traditional oath affirmations on the Bible as “bullshit”, “make believe”, and “kid stuff”. He died of heart failure a week after a comedy performance.

13. Dave Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams was an American vocalist and a leader in the rock band ‘Drowning Pool’. He owns the Sermon Lyrics   where we find these lines;

‘Where was God when I came to an end’

‘Where was God when I lost my mind’

‘Where was God when I could not find’

‘…I do not know who to trust my heart is filled with disgust….’

‘are you ready for the joke, are you ready for the great deception? God’.

David was found dead in a tour bus belonging to the band. He died from heart failure which was undiagnosed until his death. 

14. Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy

Jahseh Dwaynewas an American singer-song writer and rapper professionally named xxxtentacion. He once said, “A fucking year from now all of these people will be worshipping me.

This was blasphemy as Revelation 19:10 says ‘Worship God only’.

One year after, he encountered his death in a Florida robbery, where he was shot dead.

 15. Tupac Amaru Shakur

Tupac was an American rapper considered as the most influential and successful rappers of all times.

Here’s some lyric extract from Shakur’s song Blasphemy Lyrics:

‘Everybody kissin’ ass to go to heaven ain’t goin’

‘tell me I ain’t God’s son; nigga, momma a virgin’

‘still bullshittin’ niggas in Jerusalem waiting for signs God comin’, she’s just taking her time (Haha!)

‘Mama, tell me: am I wrong? Is God just another cop waitin’ to beat my ass if I don’t go pop?’

Tupac died even before the song was released.

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Caroline Njuguna

Caroline Njuguna is a Christian writer, educator, coach, and researcher. He combines Biblical principles with philosophical perspectives in his writing, helping readers understand what the Lord says about various aspects of life. His work, published in major online platforms like Daily Nation and Family News Today , aims to guide people towards purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Caroline Njugunahttps://kenyalogue.com/
Caroline Njuguna is a Christian writer, educator, coach, and researcher. He combines Biblical principles with philosophical perspectives in his writing, helping readers understand what the Lord says about various aspects of life. His work, published in major online platforms like Daily Nation and Family News Today , aims to guide people towards purposeful and fulfilling lives.

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