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Everything You Need To Know About Pear Phones

Pear phones are attractive as they feature a shape that is different from the usual smartphone.

They stand out from the pack sparking curiosity among many.

Also, the fact that these phones have graced our screens on Nickelodeon shows makes them that much more interesting.

But, how well do you know about these special phones?

Here’s a detailed guide about these amazing phones.

What Is A Pear Phone?

As the name suggests, a pear phone is simply a phone shaped like a pear.

If you are a fan of Nickelodeon shows such as Sam & Cat, Henry Danger, iCarly, and Victorious, you have seen the design before.

Every character on iCarly has a pear phone except Nevel who portrays a bad character. It is these very shows that brought some attention to pear phones.

The phone looks like your average smartphone except it has a pear design.

 They come in twelve colors including dark red, hot pink, yellow, sky blue, light green, grey, orange, purple, dark blue, black, white, and dark green.

The back of the phone has a light-up pear logo much like an iPhone’s apple-shaped logo.

The logo is outlined in white. The only exception is the Special Blue PearPhone XT which has a blue front and a light blue pear logo.

Originally, the phones were rectangular like other smartphones.

However, the manufacturing company changed the shape to that of a pear over time.

The phones were first created in 2007 and in 2012, they were recreated to the pear shape.

Who Makes Pear Phones?

Pear Phones are products of the Pear Company which happens to be Apple’s parody.

The company makes most of the electronics on Nickelodeon’s Victorious Show.

Most of Dan Schneider’s TV shows such as Drake and Josh, Henry Danger, Sam and Cat, and Zoey 101 also feature Pear Company’s products.

Dan Schneider is the man behind the design of the phone.

The first pear phones were released to the market in the second season of Schneider’s TV show “Here Comes Vengeance!”

Is The Pear Phone Real?

Unfortunately, pear phones are replicas of the iPhone meaning they are fictitious.

The manufacturing company Pear Company is Apple’s Parody.

None of the products made by the company including PearPads, iPears, and PearBooks is real.

That means that despite the phones looking real, they are not functional and usable by humans.

The phones were essentially created for the aforementioned Nickelodeon shows.

However, they gained some attention and the Pear Company took advantage of the buzz.

All the products are copycats of Apple products. When you purchase them, you can only use them as decorations or gifts.

Don’t expect to make a call with the phone or take a photo with it. There’s no power button.

Do Pear-Shaped Phones Exist?

They do. But the only existing ones are the parodies and not the real phones.

If you are looking for a device that has the features of an iPhone or any smartphone, a pear phone will disappoint you.

It doesn’t light up, play music, or do any of the things a real phone can do.

Every other pear phone in the market is a fake. None is real.

Do Pear Phones Have Any Unique Features? ( How Does The Pear Phone Compare To Other Popular Smartphones?)

Pear phones are essentially dummies. That means they don’t have any software in them.

 They won’t turn on when the power button is pressed.

The camera doesn’t work. The power buttons and camera are just stickers.

 Smartphones are real phones that power on, take pictures, make calls, connect to Wi-Fi, and so on.

Can I Buy A Pear Phone, And Where Can I Get One?

Yes, you can. The phones are available on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, and other sites.

You can make an order and have it delivered to your location.

Additionally, if you are creative, you can make one instead of buying it.

All you need are cardboards and papers.

Youtube has plenty of videos on how to make a pear phone.

Obviously, what you make will not look as realistic as the one made by the Pear Company.

How Much Is A Pear Phone?

The price of the phone depends on where you get it from.

Etsy prices range from $28 – $65. The older models are more expensive than the latest ones. sells its pear phones for $19.99. The features on the phone also determine its price.

For instance, some of the dummies have lighted logos making them pricier than those that don’t.

Can You Get A Pear Phone Similar To What We Used To See In Nickelodeon Shows?

The pear phones in the market look like those on the Nickelodeon shows.

Obviously, the ones on TV had been specifically programmed according to the needs of the shows.

They were designed to be controlled and made to follow the script.

Such phones aren’t in the market now.

Why Does Nickelodeon Use Pear Phones?

It is clear that Nickelodeon wanted its shows to feature Apple phones.

But using them would have landed them in legal trouble with the big tech company.

Using Apple phones would have necessitated the producers to jump many hoops.

To avoid all that, they made a parody of the phones.

Pear Phone From Henry Danger, Icarly, Sam & Cat, And Victorious

Pear phones from each of the Nickelodeon shows are slightly different from each other.

Makers of the show made them slightly differentiate one show from the next.

iCarly and Victorious phones which are the most popular have a pear shape dummies sold in the market today.

Henry Danger’s pear phone is rectangular with the signature pear logo.

Some are transparent and others feature a screen with apps.

Sam & Cat is a spin-off of both iCarly and Victorious and uses pear-shaped pear phones like those on iCarly and Victorious.

Despite the slight differences in the design, all these phones are dummies. None of them is real.

Will Pear Phones Be Real In The Near Future?

The Pear Company hasn’t given any guarantees about the reality of its products right now.

However, with the changing technology, we wouldn’t be surprised if pear phones became real in the near future.  

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