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Everything You Need to Know about Liz Madowo (Larry Madowo’s Sister)

You probably know Larry Madowo, the news anchor, but how well do you know his younger sister, Liz Madowo?

Being a top fashion blogger in Kenya and across borders, Liz Madowo is an icon as his older brother.

In this post, all the light goes to Liz Madowo’s age, career, family, education, business, and more.

Let’s explore:

Liz Madowo’s Age

As of the time of writing this post, there has not been any clear information about Liz’s age.

Nevertheless, there have been several estimates. Since information about Larry’s age (14/07/1987) is open, you can easily guess her age.

This stylistic model’s age ranges from around 29 to 34 considering thatshe is a little younger than Larry Madowo.


Liz is a graduate of Moi University. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management.

Liz Madowo’s Career

To this date, this fashion queen has worked in several establishments.

After graduating in 2014, she handled external communications and designers at PR and Events.

While at this company, she also handled project coordination for young designers.

In 2018, she got into Irvine Partners PR. Liz worked in this position for about three years.


Liz Madowo is the daughter of Mrs. Triza Anyango Madowo (mother) and Mr. Madowo (father).

She was born in Bading’, a village in Siaya County. For most of her early life, Liz grew up here.

During these days, Triza Anyango, the mother, was a teacher at a local primary school.

The mother also played a role in KNUT as the divisional KNUT official. She actively took part in the 1997 teachers’ strike.

You can see where Liz Madowo gets her aggression from.

Unfortunately, Liz Madowo lost her dad as she was still young. Furthermore, the mum also passed away in 2001.

Liz and her only sibling Lari Madowo remained orphans for much of their young life.


In dating and love matters, Liz has managed to remain low-key.

She never brings her dating life to the public as most other public figures do.

Up to date, information about her dating life is not yet out anywhere.

No one knows if she has a husband or children. Most of the information about her private life is still under review.

Liz Madowo Networth

The information about this fashionista’s average net worth is not yet out. However, it is estimated that Liz earns about $100,000- 200,000 each year.

Most of her earnings come from the businesses and brand endorsements that she does.

From this annual figure and her multiple income sources, you can guess her net worth is also greener.


Several businesses run under Liz Madowo’s name. In other words, she owns multiple enterprises contributing to her overall fashion lifestyle.

The 1st notable business that she owns is her outfit business which runs via her social media page.

She runs a brand-promoting company that advertises people’s business on her Twitter and Instagram pages.

Other Facts about Liz Madowo

Unlike big brother Larry, Liz Madowo is never in the light all the time.

Despite that fact, Larry Madowo took to social media the other day to celebrate her baby sister’s birthday. In the post, he described Liz as a beauty with brains.

Larry teased her sister by saying that she looks 21 despite turning 30.

She even identifies herself as a teenager, and from her looks, can you deny it?

The Wind-Up!

Liz Madowo is probably the fastest-rising fashionista in the country.

With the influence of her elder brother Larry, she manages to stand high above the ranks.

 Despite being less active on the internet trolls, her fashion work still makes her stand out.

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