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CBK Internship Salary, Vacancies, and Application Process

The Central Bank of Kenya is one of the most powerful government organizations tasked with formulating and maintaining stable monetary policies to benefit the government and Kenya as a country.

CBK is a prestigious institution that every Kenyan would like to be associated with, especially when it comes to employment.

Others are lucky to be accepted for the internship program at the organization. 

Graduates looking to get industry experience in finance have a chance every year to apply for the CBK internship opportunities.

The Central Bank of Kenya provides equal employment opportunities, including internship positions.

The organization provides guidelines on how potential interns can apply for the available and limited slots. 

Given that it is a powerhouse agency belonging to the government, the internship program attracts many applicants, making it very hard to secure a position because of the stiff competition.

One way you can increase your luck of being selected is by filling out the application form as stipulated.

This guide will address the internship application process at CBK, so pay attention to ensure you follow every guideline to the letter.

Available Internship Opportunities

As mentioned, the CBK takes in a new internship cohort annually.

As of the time of writing this post, the CBK had yet to advertise the 2023 internship program but was expected to do so in the coming months.

You can be among the first applicants if you keep visiting their official website’s career page.  

Besides the website, CBK advertises its internship programs in newspapers and social media.

The application process has straightforward guidelines that should be adhered to avoid being disqualified.

Once the application period has elapsed, the issued application link expires and can no longer be accessed.

Applicants should therefore strive to submit their application forms within the given period. 

CBK Internship Salary

Internship perks vary across different organizations.

While some companies issue the bare minimum to their interns in terms of salary, others, like CBK, value the efforts of their young talent and compensate them deservedly.

CBK is a reputable government organization involved significantly in the country’s financial situation and is expected to reward interns heavily. 

While there is no official communication from the CBK detailing how much its interns are paid, unconfirmed reports show that they take home between Ksh 50,000 and Ksh 80,000 monthly.

That is quite a reasonable amount for the six months spent working at the Haile Selassie Avenue-based head office.

The amount speaks volumes when considering how much permanent employees earn at the organization. 

The salary makes the CBK intern slots competitive, so you should focus on the application process to ensure you don’t miss anything.

CBK Application Process

CBK’s internship application process is meant for graduates or soon-to-be graduates who meet the laid-down qualifications.

Before proceeding with the application, determine your eligibility for the internship program.

These are the qualification that you must meet:

  • You must be scheduled to graduate or graduate in the last 24 months.
  • You must issue a reference letter from your university 

Away from the qualifications, find below a list of personal attributes that applicants should possess:

  • Self-driven, passionate, and forward-thinking ability
  • Problem identifier and solver

Now that you know the qualifications, you should familiarize yourself with the application process.

Only graduates or students in the listed above disciplines are allowed to apply unless some more are added.

All internship programs at CBK are applied via a provided link from their portal.

The link directs you to an application form that must be filled out.

You should fill in all details and attach all relevant documents like transcripts, certificate copies, and recommendation letters.

Internship Selection Process

The selection process begins after the application period has elapsed. No applications are accepted after the deadline.

Only short-listed candidates are contacted.

The selection process is transparent and not partisan.

Canvassing, directly or indirectly, is highly disregarded and punishable through disqualification.

Additionally, incomplete applications do not see the light of day.

Applicants are also notified about the process being free of charge, and any payment requests should be reported.

CBK Aptitude Test

Shortlisted graduates are subjected to an aptitude test to confirm their suitability for the applied roles.

The aptitude test helps CBK test various aspects of work like mathematical ability, logical reasoning, analytical ability, general knowledge, problem-solving competence, etc.

The test is critical in helping the interviewing panel to rank the interviewees, where the highest scorers increase the probability of getting the coveted positions.

You should prepare adequately for this test as it determines your suitability for the discipline you have applied for.

Those who prove to the panel beyond reasonable doubt that they are the right candidate for the internship are awarded the slots.

Additional Information about the CBK Internship

CBK emphasizes several things amid the application process that applicants should understand, including;

  • The applications can only be accepted through the provided recruitment system, which means that paper applications do not apply.
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