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Are There Medical Courses You Can Do With a D Minus in Kenya?

Students who scored a D minus in the recently released KCSE results and wanted to pursue a medical course may feel that their mean grade doesn’t stand a chance in the health sector.

The good news is that the health sector has a wide range of courses to choose from, and D Minus candidates have a chance to be part of it.

However, there are few course options for a D minus mean grade. 

Medical Courses with a D minus

Currently, D Minus mean grade candidates only have one medical course to study; Certificate in Health Support Service.

The course seeks to empower trainees with hands-on practical skills to enable them to perform different tasks in hospitals and communities.

The program is examined by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA).

Upon course completion, you can work as a gardener, ward assistant, cleaner, caterer, store person, hospital assistant, or any other capacity covered in the course outline.

It is a short course that only takes one year. 

The fee may vary in different medical schools. For example, The Nairobi Women’s Hospital College’s fee amounts to 85,000 for the one-year-long program.

Regarding the salary to expect, it depends on where you will get employed; a private or public hospital or homes for the elderly.

Upon finishing the certificate course, you can register for a diploma to increase your chances of getting a better salary.

Where to Study Health Support Services Certificate 

Among schools you can enroll for this course include:

  • Outspan Medical College in Nyeri
  •  Imperial College of Medical and Health Sciences in Thika
  • Tricent School of Medical Health Sciences and Technology in Nairobi
  •  The Nairobi Women’s Hospital College in Nairobi
  •  Sister Leonella Consolate Medical College in Nyeri
  •  Jordan Hospital Medical College
  • Other approved institutions. 

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