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All About Paradis Kacharelle, Awilo Logomba’s Wife

People born in the late 1990s can probably tell who Awilo Longomba is.

The world’s renowned singer has cemented his name in the entertainment industry.

He is well known for his global-hit albums like Moto Pamba and Coupe Bibamba, which garnered a huge international audience and saw him travel across the globe.

However, while the artist may seem famous all over the world, not much is known about his wife, Paradis Kacharelle.

So, who is Paradis Kacharelle?

Paradis Kacharelle, Awilo Logomba’s wife, is a successful businesswoman from Kinshasa, Congo who has managed to hide her profile from the limelight.

While many people know her as Longomba’s spouse, only a few can tell about her career, family life, or lifestyle.

This leaves many people curious about her hence, this post tries to solve the puzzle by shedding light on Paradis Kacharelle’s early and current life.

Profile Summary

  • Full name: Paradis Kacharelle
  • Place of birth: Kinshasa, DR Congo
  • Nationality: Congolese
  • Current Residence: London, United Kingdom
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Marital status: Married
  • Partner: Awilo Longomba
  • Children: 3
  • Profession: Businesswoman(hair business)

Paradis Kacharelle’s Early Life

Paradis Kacharelle was born in Kinshasa, DR Congo.

The exact date, month, or year she was born has remained a misery to her followers.

Also, although she is a famous lady, having been married to one of the world’s best musicians, the name of her parents or siblings are yet to reach the public domain.

This makes her one of the successful women who have managed to keep her profile low.

Paradis Kacharelle graduated from the University of Kinshasa with a degree in electrical engineering.

Family Life

Paradis Kacharelle married Awilo Longomba in a ceremonious traditional Congolese wedding, and the couple has been together for more than 15 years now.

Although it was rumored that they had separated some years back, these rumors are yet to be confirmed. Sources also have it that Paradis and Awilo are currently based in London, United Kingdom, and only visit their home country on special occasions.

Regarding children, Paradis Kacharelle and her husband were blessed with three kids, two sons, and one daughter.

The firstborn daughter was born in 2005, the second-born son was born in 2011, and the last-born son was born in 2016.

Details about the names of the children are still hidden from the media, and the only known last-born son is called Lovi Believe Church Awilo Longomba.


Although Paradis Kacharelle graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kinshasa, no information is available to indicate whether she focused her career path on any engineering field.

However, she has a successful hair business in Kinshasa that seems to give her a considerable income.

Paradis and her husband, Awilo Longomba, have also been featured in several media outlets such as newspapers, radio, and television for their philanthropic activities.

Net Worth

Due to a lack of enough information in the public domain, it is challenging to establish Paradis Kacharelle’s net worth.

However, having been married to one of the best-selling Congolese legendary musicians and owning a lucrative hair business in Kinshasa, it is undoubtedly true that Paradis has accumulated a lot of wealth in her name.

This is evident from the lavish photos she posts on social media and the lifestyle she enjoys both locally and internationally.

The Bottom Line

Paradis Kacharelle is among women who have managed to keep profiles low from the public eye.

Despite being married to a famous musician, Awilo Longomba, she has left little for the media to see, making it challenging to establish her family and social life, career journey, and net worth.

However, from the available sources, it is clear that Paradis, together with her husband, enjoys a lavish lifestyle both in Congo and London, United Kingdom.

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