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All about Matthias Schweighöfer’s Latest Wife, Ani Schromm

Matthias Schweighöfer is a German actor, director, and producer born on March 11, 1981.

He started his acting career in the late 1990s and has since become a well-known figure in the German entertainment industry.

Schweighöfer has appeared in numerous German films such as “The Red Baron” (2008). He has also acted in international productions like “Valkyrie” (2008) alongside Tom Cruise and “Resistance” (2011) alongside Jesse Eisenberg.

Apart from his acting, Schweighöfer is also a successful writer, director, and producer. He made his directorial debut with “What a Man” (2011), which he also produced and starred in.

He went on to direct and produce other successful films like “Vaterfreuden” (2014), “Der Nanny” (2015), and “100 Things” (2018).

In addition to his work in film, Schweighöfer has also appeared in various German television series and has been a judge on the popular talent show “Das Supertalent” since 2017.

It’s been said that behind every successful man is a very caring and supportive woman.

And with him being so successful in the media industry, one can only conclude that Scheweighöfer has had a great supporter cheering him on from behind.

He has often been spotted at the premiers and red carpets with his female partners. One face that was regularly seen was that of Ani Schromm.

Who is she?

Ani Schromm’s Background and Career

Born Angelika Schromm, Ani is a German actress, film writer, and assistant director.

She has been involved in highly-ranked films such as the 2009 drama The Day Will Come.

Though not much is known about her family background or date of birth, Ani is suspected to have been born in 1974, which makes her about 50 years old.

Before joining the media industry, Ani worked as a professionally trained travel agent. She is a 1.67 m tall brunette.

Ani Schromm’s Personal Life

Ani lives a quiet and simple life away from the limelight. Privacy to her is of great importance. As such, her dating history remains a secret.

However, one can only do so much to maintain a low profile while dating a big name in the entertainment industry.

So, how did Matthias and Ani’s love story begin?

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Meeting Matthias

Ani and Matthias met on the set of a film back in 2004 and hit it off. The couple started dating shortly after, but still kept their relationship a secret.

While in Berlin for the premiere of the Batman Begins film in June 2005, Ani and Matthias made their first public appearance as a couple.

The couple got engaged in Las Vegas in 2008, but they never officiated their relationship.

Dating and Breakup

Ani and Matthias dated for 8 years from 2004 before breaking up in 2012.

Matthias’ busy schedule as an actor left the couple with very little time to spend together and they eventually drifted apart.

Though in separate apartments, the couple lived on the same street in the Wedding district of Berlin.

They enjoyed a healthy working relationship despite their breakup, and a year later, the two found their way back to each other and rekindled their love in 2013.

However, even after the couple got back together, they lived in different apartments.

After a while, the couple separated again, and Matthias went on to date Ruby O. Fee, his Army of Thieves co-star.

For the entire period they were together, Ani and Matthias remained one of those ideal couples one would get jealous of.

She accompanied Matthias to all the events he attended. The special bond they shared could also be attributed to the fact that they had the chance to work closely on films, such as the 2011 romantic comedy film, What a Man.

Ani and Matthias starred in this film as Mutter Gangway and Alex respectively.

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Ani Schromm’s Kids

Ani and Matthias welcomed their first child in 2009. They chose to name their daughter Greta.

In February 2014, Valentin, also known as Mitty, their second child, was born.

Ani and Matthias share parenting responsibilities and maintain a healthy working relationship.

Read more about Valentin here: Meet Valentin Schweighöfer, Matthias Schweighöfe’s Son

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