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All about Andrea Kelly, R. Kelly Ex-Wife

Andrea Kelly is an American choreographer, dancer, and actress.

The ex-wife of controversial R&B singer R. Kelly has emerged as a remarkable individual in her own right.

Beyond her association with her former spouse, Andrea has built a life marked by resilience, determination, and talent.

Profile Summary

Full nameAndrea Danyell Kelly
Date of birthJanuary 28, 1974
Age49 years
Place of birthChicago, Illinois (USA)
Marital statusFormerly married to R. Kelly (1996-2009) Formerly married to Brian McKee (married for two months only in 2014)
ChildrenJoann Kelly, (born in 1998); Jay Kelly (born in 2000) Robert Kelly Jr. (born in 2002)
ProfessionActress, Choreographer and Dancer
ControversiesInvolvement in the R.K elly scandal

Early Life and Career

Andrea Kelly was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 28th, 1974.

The now-49-year-old dance star started pursuing her love of dance at a young age.

 Drea received thorough training in dance forms like ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern dance at the start of her career.

While working in the media industry, she gathered respect for herself, especially when she backed R&B superstar R. Kelly.

She became well-known through her involvement in the entertainment sector, primarily through her employment as R. Kelly’s backup dancer.

She has been motivated by her love of dancing and choreography.

Andrea’s Big Break in Her Dance Career

Andrea’s big break in the entertainment world was in the mid-1990s when she applied for and was hired as R. Kelly’s backup dancer.

She demonstrated her outstanding dance abilities when working with R. Kelly, where she immediately became known for her artistic ability and enthusiasm on stage.

Fans and industry professionals were drawn to her dynamic and alluring dance moves.

She rose to fame for her vibrant performances and flawless execution of challenging choreography.

Due to her relationship with R. Kelly, Andrea Kelly was given tremendous exposure and access to more entertainment business chances.

 She participated in several music videos for various musicians, building her resume and reputation as a talented dancer.

Andrea began making dance routines for different musicians and worked on everything from music videos to stage performances.

Other Ventures besides Dancing

In addition to her work in the music industry, Andrea Kelly began exploring opportunities in television.

She appeared as a guest on several talk shows and participated in reality TV competitions, including “R. Kelly: The R. in R&B” and VH1’s “Hollywood Exes.”

In 2015, Andrea also starred in the movie Before I Do, as Breanna Taylor.

These appearances helped her gain more visibility and introduced her to a broader audience.

Andrea Kelly has been actively involved in philanthropy outside of her professional endeavors.

She has worked with organizations supporting victims of domestic violence, using her own experiences to raise awareness and advocate for change in society.

Marriage and Divorce

R. Kelly and Andrea Kelly had three kids after getting married in 1996.

Her union with R. Kelly attracted a lot of media attention.

The pair first met years ago in Chicago, where they were both born and raised.

R. Kelly, who was 27 then, had just climbed to the top of the charts with his breakthrough single Bump and Grind.

He was hiring backup dancers for his upcoming solo tour, his first ever.

Andrea auditioned and was hired. It was her dream job at just 19 years old.

Soon after, her former boss started looking for a closer relationship with her and that’s how they ended up together.

During their marriage, she was integral to R. Kelly’s public image and often accompanied him to various events.

However, their relationship was tumultuous, and allegations of abuse and infidelity emerged over the years.

In an interview aired on  ABC News, Andrea says things started going down in her marriage when she was pregnant with her first child when one day, he locked her in a bathroom, and she had to sleep in a bathtub.

Their union lasted until 2009, when Andrea Kelly filed for divorce from R. Kelly, citing irreconcilable differences.

The divorce proceedings between Andrea and R. Kelly were not without controversy.

In addition to the public attention surrounding the case, there were legal battles and disputes over child custody and financial matters.

This placed Andrea in the public eye, but she has since sought to establish her own identity beyond her ex-spouse.

Since the divorce, Andrea Kelly has spoken publicly about her experiences and the alleged abuse she endured during her marriage to R. Kelly.

She advocated for survivors of domestic violence and shared her story to raise awareness.

Although Andrea and Kelly were divorced, she did not think about changing her last name.

In 2018, in her interview with The View, she said, “I paid for my name in blood and sweat and tears literally….”

Andrea Kelly’s participation in the reality TV show “Hollywood Exes” allowed her to discuss her divorce and the challenges she faced during her marriage.

Through her appearances on the show, she shared her journey of healing and moving forward after the divorce.

Her second marriage was to Brian McKee in 2014. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted two months after allegations of Brian cheating.


Andrea and Kelly were blessed with three children in their union.

The eldest of the children of Andrea and R. Kelly, Joann Kelly, was born in 1998.

Under her stage name Buku Abi, she has developed a musical career and released tracks.

In 2000, Andrea and R. Kelly welcomed Jaya Kelly, their second child.

Jaya came out as transgender in 2014 and now identifies by the name Jay.

The youngest child of Andrea and R. Kelly, Robert Jr. was born in 2002. However, it is unclear what he is doing presently.

Current Pursuits and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Andrea Kelly co-founded the dance company AKAdemy (Andrea Kelly Academy of Dance).

AKAdemy is a dance studio that offers classes and training in various dance styles, including hip-hop, jazz, ballet, and contemporary.

Andrea Kelly’s experience as a professional dancer and choreographer has influenced the establishment and development of AKAdemy.

She aims to promote artistic expression and foster community through dance.

This endeavor allows her to continue pursuing her passion for dance while creating a platform for others to explore their talents.

Achievements, Contributions, and Initiatives

Even though she has not won any awards, Andrea’s work as an advocate for domestic violence survivors deserves recognition.

It is not easy to speak out about your own painful experiences and lend your voice to a cause.

She has played a significant role in raising awareness about domestic violence and supporting individuals who have endured similar hardships.

Andrea Kelly asserts her agency, refusing to be defined solely by her past or confined by societal expectations.

Her journey reminds us that personal identity is a deeply personal and complex matter, and it is within our rights to make choices that align with our sense of self, even if they challenge conventional norms.

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