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Who Did Kenny Rogers Leave His Money To?

Kenny Rogers’s contribution to the music industry, especially country music, is one for the books.

His passing in 2020, attributed to a natural cause by his family, was a big blow to his fans, who were left reminiscing about the times he performed in sold-out stadiums and concerts.

Before his passing, Kenny had stopped performing due to health concerns, his last show being in Nashville in 2017.

Since he was a celebrated singer, Kenny’s death attracted concerns about what would occur to his fortune.

At his passing, Kenny had accumulated wealth worth an estimated $250,000 million, a figure that grew following his death after his fans honored his legacy by massively purchasing his hits.

For instance, his song The Gambler sold over 20,000 digital copies following his death, not to mention others like Islands in The Stream, which he sang alongside Dolly Parton, selling over 15,000.

 So what happened to his fortune? Who did he leave it to?

Who Were the Beneficiaries of Kenny’s Money?

Before delving into the main beneficiary of Kenny’s wealth, a reminder about his family would be a great start.

For those who don’t have a background on Kenny’s family, he was previously married and divorced four times before meeting his widow, Wanda Miller.

Rogers had one of the most expensive divorces after his fourth ex-wife, Marianne Gordon, received $60 million in settlement.

The previous ex-wives didn’t get much from him during their divorces because Kenny hadn’t acquired a lucrative status musically and only identified as an entrepreneur.

Kenny has five children, two with Wanda Miller and the rest from previous marriages.

At the time of his death, Kenny also had grandchildren.

When scrutinizing Kenny’s beneficiaries, attention is drawn to all the parties above, trying to find out who was included in his will and who was left out.

Additionally, people would love to know if any member of his family has contested the will, as is the case with most fortunes left by celebrated figures.

In most cases, the deceased’s money is left to the immediate family: wife and children.

In Kenny’s case, his wife, Wanda Miller, and their two sons, Jordan and Justin, must have been the immediate beneficiaries of Kenny’s money.

Kenny’s will of testament is yet to be made public, meaning there are no drawable conclusions on the exact number of people or charity organizations included in his will.

That makes it hard to determine how much he left for his wife, children, grandchildren, charity organizations, or ex-wives.

You can count on this page to provide an update if Kenny’s will of testament will be publicized.

Kenny Rogers’s Sources of Income

The country music legend worked hard for his fortune.

He wasn’t born from riches but worked up to be a celebrated international musician.

Kenny went from sleeping on the streets of Atlanta at 17 to making globally recognized hits like The Gambler.

Despite what seemed like bad luck in his past marriages, Kenny made a significant fortune from his music.

Musically, he earned from streaming sites, royalties, album sales, tours and concerts, advertisements, and more.

Kenny acted in movies like How I Met Your Mother, The Gambler, Six Pack, Coward of the County, and more.

The Grammy and AMAs award-winning musician was also a dedicated entrepreneur, having founded Kenny Rogers Roasters, a chain restaurant mainly in Asian countries like Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Malaysia.

More importantly, his beneficiaries continue to receive royalties because even after his death, his music has never stopped ruling the airwaves and being purchased.

Bottom Line

Kenny Rogers enjoyed his sunset years being surrounded by his family.

He was under hospice care in his home when he peacefully passed away.

Kenny, diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2017, must have put his will of testament in order because his last earthly days were imminent.

While it may take time before we get specific details of his will, one thing we can be sure of is that he left his fortune in deserving hands, most probably his wife and children.

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