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Snoop Dogg Mourns His Younger Brother, Music Executive, Bing Worthington

The iconic US rapper is mourning the death of his younger brother, Bing Worthington,  who has passed away at the age of 44.

Snoop has paid tribute to his brother on his Instagram page sharing videos and photos of them on past occasions.  

On one of the photos he shared, he wrote a caption:

“Until we meet again L …” while on another, “bac wit momma…”

He also shared a video clip of himself with Worthington and others with a caption, “Always made us laugh.”

The 44-year-old passed away on Thursday as reported by the Orange County Sherriff’s Department in California.  

“The cause of death will be pending the results of the toxicology and autopsy report.”

NBC News, Sky News US partner, said, quoting an email from Sergeant Frank Gonzalez.

Worthington, a half-brother to Snoop Dogg on his mother’s side, has been a music producer and a star creating his music and working with the rapper on many occasions.  He started by being his roadie before becoming his tour manager.

In 2016, he merged the Dogg Records Music Label with the Quebec-based label, Urban Heat Legends.

Out of this merge, a relationship formed between the Chief, Miguel Lopez, and Worthington, with both of them aiming to create a platform where West Coast artists meet the North and vice versa, as stated on the website.    

Speaking to Vice in the same year, he opened up about his career journey stating:

“I started from the bottom, I ain’t just become the tour manager, I was just the road guy.  I worked my way to the top.  Even though I’m Snoop’s brother, he didn’t give me a top-ranked position.  You can’t just become a president without knowing anything about being the president. You have to learn.”

Elsewhere in the interview, when asked to describe himself he replied:

“Most of the time, I think I’m easygoing.  But when it comes down to it, I mean what I mean.  I expect that when it comes down to business, I’m serious.  Let’s get things knocked out.  I don’t care how long it takes, let’s just get it done.  When you rush into something that’s when you get it f***ed up.  Just take your time.”

According to Lopez, Worthington wasn’t himself after the death of his mother, Beverly Tate in 2021

“It’s been a tough time since his mom passed. He took it very hard.  He was very close to her.” He said.

These two friends were looking into launching a Latino division of Dogg Records and he planned to carry the label forward.

“He had a great heart and the little things he did were huge things for us, like opening the doors to his family. He is going to be missed as a friend above all.  This label has to carry on his honor.” Lopez said.

Worthington is survived by a partner and an adult son, as Lopez said.

Following Snoop Dogg’s emotional tributes, fellow celebrities and fans have been sending messages of condolences worldwide.

 Singer Tamar Braxton said, “Sorry for all your loss brother.”

Actor and singer Tyrese Gibson said, “I’m sorry this happened…. Prayers, love, and light to you and your family.

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