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Putting Salt In Corners Of The House To Ward Off Negative Energy: Does it work?

Your home should be a stress-free and tranquil space.

After a long and likely tiresome day, you don’t want to come back to a chaotic house.

Not only does it add to your stress levels but it is bad for your emotional wellbeing.

Sadly, despite your best efforts of keeping a tidy, fresh, and organized, sometimes your home just doesn’t feel as relaxing and calm as you’d hoped it would be.

Chances are that you have negative energy hanging in the air.

Maybe there’s an evil force that doesn’t resonate with your home. These include feelings of jealousy, being quarrelsome, criticizing others, lethargy, and gluttony.

Salt has been known to cleanse spaces of such energies.

Many religions and cultures utilize the mineral to ward off evil.

 Some folks bring salt with them when they visit hotel rooms for this very reason.

The question is, does it work?

Salt As A Cleanser

The idea of using salt to cleanse spaces is not new.

Vastu, an Indian practice that has been in existence for millennia has subscribed to using salt to draw out negativity for more than 6,000 years.

 According to the practice, salt maintains a positive flow of positive vibes within the home.

It is also believed that it gets rid of Vastu Dosh or ‘bad luck’.

By sprinkling salt along with cloves in the corners of your home, your home will experience peace and happiness.

There will be an abundance of money and your family will experience success as well.

Besides Vastu, the Feng Shui method is another common practice that uses salt to ward off bad energies.

The practice is all about arranging pieces in your living space to create some kind of balance with the natural world. The goal is to have harmony with the environment.

Feng Shui claims that salt has the power to absorb and transmit negative energies.

It is thus used to clear spaces. Bathing in salt water is also believed to rejuvenate and purify your body.

Salt used has also been utilized in an ancient Japanese religion called Shintoism.

During their Shinto purification rituals, salt is offered to the Kamias to ward off evil spirits.

Likewise, females during childbirth bathe in salt water for purification purposes and scatter salt around their spaces to send evil packing as well.

Even in death, the mineral is sprinkled at the entrance of the house and other areas to get rid of bad spirits.

Does It Work?

It is easy to read theories of salt power in ancient religions and cultures.

However, believing in it is the hardest task.

Most modern people especially those in the free world and folks have a hard time navigating spiritual stuff.

Well, you’d be shocked to know that more people are subscribing to the idea across the planet.

Tommy Mastrobete, a spiritualist and author of ‘The Universe is Talking To You” is a big fan of using salt to get rid of negative or unwanted energy.

She claims that when salt crystals are placed with intention around the house, they will absorb bad vibes. It is thus important to cleanse the energies periodically.

Andrea Molly, the CEI of “We Are Here to Remember” also strongly believes in the power of salt as a cleanser.

As a quantum and sound energy healer and spiritual mentor, she claims that salt is a magic substance at home.

“Salt has long been used to cleanse our homes and bodies for ages.” She says. “Think about how it feels to swim in the ocean. It, therefore, makes sense to use salt to purify the home too. Cleansing your home with salt is an effective way to restore energetic alignment and get rid of the energy that feels stagnant, doesn’t resonate, and which can be considered as a bad vibe.”

There are a ton of YouTube videos showing the use of salt for purifying a home.

An example is Sassy Masha’s channel which has a video dedicated to blessing a new home before moving in.

Among the strategies she uses is sprinkling salt in the corners of the house to absorb evil spirits.

In this other video (with 1.5 million views), this guy can be seen using a mixture of water, salt, and vinegar to detect bad energies around the home.

After placing the mixture in a room for 24 hours, the color of the mixture from cloudy white to brownish showing that the space has ‘negative energies’.

These are just a few examples of people who frequently use salt to ward off negative energy.

Social media is equally full of them. It is inherently hard to argue with facts.

Granted, studies are yet to link salt to bad vibes and spirits.

Expectedly, science cannot measure spiritual matters.

The truth is that salt has a ton of benefits for your body and spirit as well as your space.

Some of them are listed below.

  • It is great for keeping bugs away: Salt absorbs moisture effectively. If it comes in contact with crawlers, it will dehydrate them leading to their deaths. Those with exoskeletons such as beetles and fleas die when the salt grains scratch their skins. If you are struggling with spiders and other bugs in your home, try the salt trick.
  • It can reduce pollutants: With the ability to pull vapor from the air, salt can also significantly reduce allergens, pathogens, and airborne pollutants from your space. These include toxins, smoke, dust, and pollen.
  • It can help with depression and a bad mood: Researchers in the UK conducted a study and found that salt may act as an antidepressant. While too much of it causes heart disease and high blood pressure, a little can cause depression. This goes hand in hand with the finding that salt is a natural mood booster.

If you don’t believe in the spiritual power of salt, the above reasons are enough to tell you that salt has science-based positive benefits for your space.

Parting Thoughts

Salt is universally used to add flavor to food.

It is impossible to imagine the taste of food without some salt in it.

Then there are other uses – soothing a bee sting, eliminating grease stains, killing poison ivy, picking a dropped egg, etc.

 For people with deep religious beliefs, salt can also be a home cleanser.

 It can remove bad energies from your home.

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