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15 Famous People To Send Wedding Invites To Right Now 

If you want your special day to become remarkable, you must go the extra mile and do the unthinkable. That’s achievable when you invite someone famous to your wedding.

The good news is that your connection with such a person doesn’t matter. Remember, everyone wants to unwind during the weekend, including the most famous people. Some have even crashed at weddings in their neighborhood, so dont let your extra invitation cards go to waste.

We have done the homework for you by compelling some famous people who are likely to attend your wedding and how you can easily reach them. Number eleven will even surprise you!

Here we go!

1.   Taylor Swift 

We start our list with the famous singer, Taylor Swift. She once became the talk of the town after attending a humble wedding, Jack Antoff and Margaret Qualley’s wedding. People flocked to have a glimpse of her, and she can also attend your wedding. She also surprised Max Singer and Kenya Smith, indicating how much she loves weddings. 

You can reach Taylor through this address:

13 Management

718 Thompson Lane 

Suite 108256

Nashville TN, 37 204 – 3600, USA

Phone: (615) 590 – 40450

2.   Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnsson, popularly known by his ring name, The Rock, is a former WWE wrestler and actor you can add to your wedding invites. He has a booking agency that allows you to book speakers and performers for any event. Instead of booking anyone from his agency, why dont you invite him to attend your big day event? 

You can reach The Rock using this address:

The Gracia Companies 

224 Palermo Avenue 

Coral Gables, FL 33134, USA 

3.   Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler is an American singer, actor, and comedian and should feature in your wedding list of attendees. In 2018, Adam surprised a couple at a Boca Raton wedding and created a magical moment for the couple to remember. 

You can contact Adam through the following address:

Happy Madison Productions 

17 North Street Manchester, NH 03104 – 3016, USA

Phone: +1 310 244 3100

4.   Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is an American actress who should also be featured on your wedding list. She has attended many weddings, including her friend Jessica Chastain’s wedding. You can tell how much she treasures weddings as she celebrates her anniversaries consistently yearly. 

If she fails to attend yours, she has a clean record of replaying to invitations, which is a kind gesture. 

You can reach Hathaway through this contact address:

Anne Hathaway Entertainment

360 10100 santa Monica Blud

Suite 2300 Los Angeles, CA 90067, USA

5.   Ed Sheeran 

Edward Christopher Sheeran is a singer and songwriter who likes crashing weddings, which shows how much he loves them. You can invite him, and he will likely attend your wedding. Here’s a YouTube link to how many weddings Ed Sheeran has crashed. The next should be yours.  

You can contact Ed Sheeran using the address below:

Grumpy Old Management Ltd

P.O Box 114

295 Chiswick High Road

London W4 4HH, UK

6.  LeBron James

Coincidentally, the NBA champion LeBron James was headed to meet a sports-illustrated reporter at a wedding venue. But why did he decide to meet the reporter at a wedding? Couldn’t he have waited? Well, it’s because he loves weddings.

Not only did he crush the wedding, but he also gave an ultimate wedding photo with the couple to remark on their special day. So, he should be on top of your list. 

To contact him, use the address below:

Klucth Sports Group LLC

822 N Laurel Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA

7.  Sam Smith 

Sam Smith is a famous musician you should also consider to invite to your wedding. He once teamed with BBC to surprise a couple who were having a wedding, and his words melted the hearts of many.

He said, ‘Just being a part of someone’s day like that means the world to me.’ These words are just a fraction of how much he loves weddings and could come to yours. 

You can contact Sam using the address below:

CAA 12 Hammersmith Grove Hammersmith

London W6 7AP, UK

Phones: + 44 (0) 208846300

8.  Tom Hanks

Tom Hanker is an American actor and filmmaker that we cannot go without mentioning. When Ryan Barclay and Elisabeth were taking their wedding photos, Hanks had to crash and congratulate them.

Later that night, he posted the photo they had taken together and took the time to congratulate them. What a gesture! It would be best if you invited him to yours.

You can reach Tom through the address below:


P.O Box 7340

Santa Monica, CA 90406-7340, USA

9.  Jennifer Hudson

On Septemeber 30, last year, Jeniffer Hudson crashed Traci and pat wedding and left everyone talking about her. She not only attended but also sang her 2008 hit Giving Myself.

Traci and Pat had no idea that Jeniffer would attend their wedding, but she surprised them. Why dont you give it a shot and send her your wedding invitation? 

You can reach Jenniffer through the address below:

Jhud Touirng, Inc

1430 broadway

17th floor

New York, NY 10018, USA

10. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has been seen at several weddings. In 2019, the singer was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her makeup artist, Sarah Tanno. You should try your luck and send her your invitation. 

You can contact Lady Gaga via the email address below:

11.  Barack Obama 

Imagine waking up on the day of your wedding to find the 44th president you sent your wedding invite to attend your wedding. Well, it’s possible.

One day, when he was golfing, he saw Stephanie and Brian’s wedding at their photo shoot, and he couldn’t help but stop and take photos with them by surprise. What a remarkable day it was for the couple!

You can also send him an invitation together with his beautiful wife Michelle, and his likely to attend if it fits his schedule. If not, he has a clean sheet of replying all wedding invites.

You can contact Obama through the address below:

Office of Barack & Michele Obama 

P.O Box 91000

Washington DC 20066 USA

Phone: (202) 464 – 6903

12. Heidi Klum 

The supermodel and America Got Talent judge is amongst the famous people likely to attend your wedding. Having been married three times, Heidi knows how important a wedding is. Therefore, Heidi is likely to come to your wedding if you send her the invitation.

You can reach her via the address below:

Heidi Klum Gmbit & Co

KG Postfach 1272 51517 Odenthal Germany

13. John Mayer

Another notable invitation should go to John Mayer. He has severally attended and surprised a couple in their wedding day, and he can surprise you on your big day if you give him an invitation card. 

You can contact Mr. Mayer via the address below:

Mick Management 

35 Washington Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

Phone: (212) 425 – 64 25

14.  Gordon Ramsay 

The British celebrity chef, television presenter, writer, and restaurateur famously known for MasterChef Gordon Ramsay comes on our list for a reason.

Though he has a tight schedule, he attended the weddings of his friends, Brooklyn Beckham and Nico Pettz, and accompanied his wife to many weddings. So, why don’t you send your invitation to him? Who knows, he can surprise you on your special day. 

You can reach out to Ramsay through the address below:

Gordon Ramsay Holdings 

539 – 547 Wandsworth Road

London SW8 3JD UK

Email: gordonramsay.com

Phone: +44 (0) 20 7592 1360

15. Justin Timberlake 

Another notable invitee should be the all-time favorite musician, Justin Timberlake. He made his wedding remarkable by giving it the performance it deserved and giving Dana Panzer and Amy Wicker a memorable experience at their wedding. He has also given his fans a surprise entrance on their big day, and he can also come to your wedding.

You can reach Justin using the address below:

RCA Records 

25 Madison Avenue 

23rd floor 

New York, NY 10010 – 8601, USA

One thing that could make your wedding day special is having a famous person come over. It could be a singer, actor, or any famous person of your liking. Remember, if they dont come, you may receive presents and replies from some, which will be something to remember. 

Nikita Waruguru

Nikita Waruguru is a Kenyalogue freelance writer who focuses on TV, celebrity gossip, and pop culture. She's been interested in TV and entertainment from a young age. She wrote her first blog post 10 years ago and has since written more than 3000 news articles, features, and lists. When she's not writing about the latest Netflix reality shows, you can find her binge-watching one or listening to music.

Nikita Waruguruhttp://kenyalogue.com
Nikita Waruguru is a Kenyalogue freelance writer who focuses on TV, celebrity gossip, and pop culture. She's been interested in TV and entertainment from a young age. She wrote her first blog post 10 years ago and has since written more than 3000 news articles, features, and lists. When she's not writing about the latest Netflix reality shows, you can find her binge-watching one or listening to music.

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