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What is Cardi B’s IQ? Not as Low as Some Would Have You Believe

Cardi B, considered the “Queen of Rap” by many, has captivated audiences worldwide with her fiery rhymes and larger-than-life persona.

From her humble beginnings in the Bronx to commanding sold-out arenas, Cardi B’s journey is a testament to resilience and raw talent.

However, her explicit lyrics, personality (she’s often loud and boisterous), and early life (she was in a gang in her teens and a stripper before rising to fame), have often brought her intelligence into question. 

Is Cardi B as dumb as some people make her out to be?

Cardi B’s IQ Score

Some people are of the opinion that Cardi B is not intelligent, especially those who do not appreciate her lyrics, or like her ghetto personality.

Controversial social media influencer, Andrew Tate, went as far as claiming that Cardi B’s IQ is 70, which is below average

Considering her artistic intelligence, achievements, and her involvement in social issues, her IQ is definitely not below average.

Most Americans have IQ scores between 80 and 120, with the average being 100. So we estimate Cardi B’s IQ to be in the 100 to 120 range. 

Why Some People Claim That Cardi B Has a Low IQ

Some people perceive Cardi B as not intelligent due to her unconventional background, outspoken demeanor, and unfiltered persona. 

Critics may point to her grammar and speech patterns, which sometimes deviate from traditional standards, as evidence of her supposed lack of intelligence.

One example is back in 2020 when Trump supporter and political commentator Mindy Robinson made grammatical corrections to a Cardi B tweet announcing that she is considering going into politics. 

Again, Cardi B did not finish college. While many notable figures in the music industry have achieved higher levels of education, Cardi B dropped out of Borough of Manhattan Community College before obtaining a degree. Although she has expressed a desire to return to school in the future, her decision to drop out may contribute to perceptions of her intelligence.

Additionally, despite owning a collection of exotic cars, including Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, and Mercedes, Cardi B does not know how to drive and does not have a driver’s license. While she attributes this to growing up in a poor neighborhood where she did not have the opportunity to learn, some find it difficult to understand how a wealthy individual like her lacks this basic skill.

Finally, Cardi B’s past as a stripper and her candid discussions about her experiences may contribute to certain stereotypes or biases about her intellect. 

These factors may lead some individuals to question Cardi B’s intelligence, as they perceive the star’s flaws as indicators of a low IQ. However, it’s crucial to recognize that intelligence comes in many forms, and Cardi B’s success as a rapper, entrepreneur, and social media personality demonstrates her astuteness in navigating the entertainment industry and connecting with her audience.

Cardi B Has Won Several Accolades and Awards

Over the years, Cardi B has become the most prominent music artist in the world. She is the second female rapper to achieve two solo hits, number one singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 Charts

Her fame debuted in 2018 with her album Invasion of Privacy. Fans couldn’t get enough of her album, and all 13 songs have been certified platinum or above rank. 

That made her the only female rapper to have every song on an album become RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) Platinum certified.

The album also received a 2019 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album, a significant achievement for the rapper. 

Cardi B is a Political Influencer

Cardi B exhibits social intelligence by getting involved in discussions about political issues that affect her community.

She has emerged as a prominent figure in the political sphere, using her platform to address pressing social issues, like gun violence, and advocate for change.

One of Cardi B’s most notable forays into politics occurred in 2019 when she engaged in a high-profile exchange with Bernie Sanders. The duo discussed topics such as healthcare, education, and police brutality, reaching millions of viewers and sparking conversations about policy issues that directly impact marginalized communities.

Cardi B has demonstrated a keen understanding of political strategy, leveraging her social media presence to endorse political candidates and rally support for specific policies. In the lead-up to the 2020 Presidential Election, she endorsed Sanders, and POLITICO argued that she was “one of Bernie’s most powerful 2020 allies.”

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Final Verdict

Cardi B’s rise from the streets of the Bronx to global stardom is a testament to her undeniable talent and intelligence. Her ability to transcend stereotypes and use her platform for social change underscores her multifaceted brilliance. As she continues to challenge conventions and advocate for marginalized communities, her impact as both a musical icon and political influencer remains unparalleled.

6 Oldest Living People with Turner Syndrome

While females are prone to as many illnesses as males, certain syndromes affect women exclusively. A good example is Turner syndrome (TS) which is a genetic disorder that’s caused by complete or partial loss of an X-syndrome. This condition can affect 1 in every 22,000 to 25,000 female births and it can leave you with ovarian failure and short stature.

Ladies with Turner syndrome are prone to various illnesses that can reduce their life expectancy by up to 13 years, but with proper management, they can live longer.

They can even get pregnant via in-vitro fertilization and raise a family while achieving their career goals. After all, various women with this condition have attained success in their careers.

Here is a list of individuals with Turner syndrome who have lived for over 50 years and succeeded in their careers.

1. Linda Hunt (78 Years Old)

Despite her condition, Hunt has managed to break many records. She became the first actress to win an Oscar in 1983 for playing the role of the opposite sex in a movie. Hunt was diagnosed with TS while young, but that didn’t stop her from going for her dreams in life.

She may be 4’9” tall, but she was blessed with a deep and rich voice that has made her an exceptional narrator for various TV series including “American Experience.” 

2. Janette Cranky (74 Years Old)

T.S may have left her about 4’ 5” tall, but it didn’t stop her from entertaining people on TV during the 1980s. She even released an album and pop songs between 1975 and 1984.

The Scottish actress is known for her role in the “Krankies Klub” and lots of Funniest Music moments on TV. Janette was lucky enough to marry Ian Tough who was the other half of the “Krankie.” in 1969.

She may be semi-retired right now, but she did appear with her husband in the Comic Relief charity video in 2007.   

3. Mariska Hargitay (69 Years Old)

The popular Law and Order: SVU actress was diagnosed with T.S while she was young. She is the daughter of Mickey Hargitay, a former Mr. Universe and Mansfield Jayne. Mariska became Miss Beverly Hill in 1982 and started taking up various small roles before becoming “Olivia Benson the main character of Law and Order SVU.

4. Barbara (68 Years Old Lady from Florida)

Born in April 1955, Barbara was diagnosed with Turner syndrome when she was 6 years old and she has managed to live for over 68 years. Living with T.S can be quite challenging, but she managed to make lemonade with what life offered her. She got her Master’s degree and worked as a software developer for 40 years.

She even managed to achieve her dream of entertaining people at Disney World where she played various roles at the community theater. To overcome her shortcomings, she has had to wear hearing aids and make some changes to her house and car.

5. Dr. Catherine Ward Melver (50 Years Old)

The former Turner Syndrome Society’s president may be 4’8” tall, but she is the leading expert on the condition in the United States. Currently, she is a geneticist working at Akron Children’s Hospital.

Catherine was diagnosed with the condition while young, but she never met anyone with that condition until she was in college. She even adopted a girl known as Zoe who has T.S.

Catherine plans on giving her daughter the best and with the availability of growth hormones Zoe may grow taller than her mother.

6. Melissa Marlowe (52 Years Old)

Source: Prezi

Another popular actress that has been diagnosed with T.S. is Miss Marlowe. Melissa is a former gymnast who was part of the U.S. team that competed in the Pan American Games that took place in Indianapolis.

She even became part of the National team that represented the country in the Olympic Games in South Korea, where she finished 4th.

Melissa also serves as T.S. Society’s spokesperson and advocates for people with T.S. in the country.

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Turner Syndrome may be a serious genetic condition, but with proper management and the right treatment, you can live for over 70 years like Linda Hunt. And with the growth hormones, you can grow over 5 feet tall. Therefore, the conditions shouldn’t stop you from going after your goals in life like the above successful ladies. And if giving birth is an issue you can adopt kids like Zoe, Dr. Catherine’s daughter and create a beautiful family.  

Top 15 Most Popular Yellow Hair Cartoon Characters of All Time

Characters with yellow hair are renowned for their unique qualities and captivating storylines in both movies and cartoons. Their vibrant appearance is frequently associated with memorable personalities and thrilling adventures. In numerous cartoon series, for instance, yellow-haired characters exude energy and are believed to evoke cheerfulness and stimulate mental activity. They wield significant influence and are commonly depicted as the main characters in various animated series.

Here are some of the most beloved yellow-haired cartoon characters from your favorite cartoons and anime.

1.   Barney Rubble 

Barney Rubble is fondly known for his get-rich-quick schemes and likes playing cards and bowling with his friends in The Flintstones.

He adores himself with a plaid vest attire and a yellow signature tie, and his kept yellow hair completes his stylish look. 

2.   Johnny Bravo 

Talk of the most handsome cartoon character who is confident in his looks….and sure, all women want him. 

He puts on tight clothing that showcases his thick shoulders and six-pack, and his big yellow hair highlights his looks. 

He is known for his karate chops and has a daily routine of talking to himself, making him entertaining and keeping his audiences glued to the screen. 

3.   Sally Brown 

Sally Brown is Charlie Brown’s youngest sister. Sally has also appeared in other series such as You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, and Snoopy

She wears a purple dress, and her yellow hair adds to her character. She has an enduring personality and a desire to get recognized by her brother, Charlie.

On the other hand, she’s bossy towards others, especially Snoopy, whom she treats as a servant. 

4.   Angelica Pickles 

Angelica Pickles is Lils and Phil’s older sister, who always gets into trouble. She is not only a spoilt brat with an immense sense of entitlement, but she also likes being sneaky, dirty, and playful. She messes with baby toys, creating havoc. Her yellow hair, though, is well-kept. 

5.   Francine Smith 

Francine Smith is a cartoon character whose childhood days remain unknown as she was given up for adoption while still young. 

She grew up in an orphanage where she was taught that left-handers are evil. Her big protruding eyes, red lips, and long yellow hair make her look stunning, gluing her audience in the screens. 

6.   Arnold 

Arnold of the Hey Arnold wears a tiny blue hat between his thick yellow hair, making him funny and entertaining. 

He has a football-shaped head that makes his face look funny. His parents go missing in the series, and the young Arnold stays with his grandparents, hoping for his parents’ return. 

7.  Bubbles 

Bubbles is reserved, has cute short yellow hair, and ties a blue band in a pushy cat style. 

She is a charm as she makes everyone around her happy. Though a cool girl, she can get aggressive when she feels threatened and defends herself. 

8.   Naruto Uzumaki 

Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who does everything within his power to get acclamation from his peers, and his dream is to become Hokage, the leader of his village. 

Though he is opinionated and a boisterous guy, he can also become naive when facing tough challenges. 

9.  Sabrina Spellman 

Sabrina Spellman is half-mortal and half-witch and cannot wait to hit 16 to use her magical powers. 

The amiable, outgoing, and brave girl Sabrina, whose age seldom hinders her from using magical powers, occasionally employs her imagination, stands up for her friends, and assists them.

Her signature long yellow hair remains iconic, and we cannot wait to see her reach 16 and see what she will do with her magical powers. 

10. Mandy 

Mandy is the main protagonist in The Grim Adventures of Mandy. She also acts as an antagonist in several episodes of the series. 

However, Mandy isn’t the girl you can confidently hang around with. She has a vile personality and never smiles. She also treats people around her with contempt.

She is also brilliant and superior to other characters in the series. She puts on a black band around her short yellow hair, and it’s the only thing that shines in her look. 

11. Lola Loud 

Lola Loud has excellent self-importance and is always ready to take offense if someone crosses her path. 

She is a spoiled brat who is also skilled at making money, even if it means to deceive others, and she gets what she wants. 

She wins beauty pageants and focuses on photo shoots, makeup, and fashion shows. Her yellow hair is a win for her. 

12. Charlotte Pickles 

Charlotte Pickles is Angelica’s mother. She is an assertive, hard-working, and caring mother who balances her family interests with her career.

She spends most of her time talking to Jonathan, a business client. She adorns herself with makeup and official attire and keeps her yellow hair neat. 

13. Dennis Mitchell 

Dennis Mitchell is recognizable with his stark yellow hair, red apron, and a black with blue stripes t-shirt. 

He is the main protagonist in the series Dennis the Menace, and his love of animals is evident as he takes puppies and kittens to feed them.

But that’s not all about Dennis. He likes helping people around him and picking fights with boys his age.

14. Leopold Butters Stotch 

Leopold is highly naive, gullible, and sensitive than most kids his age. That makes him believe everything he hears and sees despite the evidence to the contrary.

He remains unaware of people bullying him. But as he advances to the seventh grade in South Park Elementary, his intelligence improves slightly.

He has an innocent personality, and the tendency to betray his friends makes him make bad decisions. 

15. Sailor Moon 

Sailor Moon features in the Sailor Moon franchise. She adores herself with a sailor suit that makes her look adorable. 

She also features in the series Princesses and Witches, where she is a schoolgirl by day and a superheroine by night.

Sailor uses her superpowers to defend both worlds and their inhabitants. She is beautiful, and her yellow hair adds charm to her character. 

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Yellow-haired characters have become stars in their own way. With their unforgettable personalities, they’ve carved out a place for themselves in entertainment, popular culture, and beyond. And they’ve been around for a long time and lots of people love them. They remind us that cartoons can be really cool and make us happy. So, whether you’re enjoying old memories or finding new favorites, let these characters inspire you to have fun and make your own stories. Keep smiling and enjoying the world of cartoons!

15 Hottest Actors with Long Faces

Being a celebrity means standing out from the crowd. One way actors do that is by having distinctive features that set them apart from others. You will notice some celebrities maintaining a signature look, be it hairstyle, tattoos, or grooming style. But some stand out simply because of their natural physical features.

Enter the long face. It’s not the most common feature, but when it’s present, it can be very striking. In fact, some actors grow a beard to give the illusion of a long face.

Here are 15 male actors with long faces who stand out among the rest.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is described as a lovely, generous, and humble man, qualities that make him unique. But he is also known for his sharp cheekbones, deep-set eyes, and narrow jaw.

Cumberbatch’s long face creates a dignified and regal profile, which, unlike most actors, he doesn’t try to cover with a beard.

Cumberbatch has often brushed off his inclusion in the list of handsome men since he regards his face as looking ‘weird.’ Regardless, there is no denying that Cumberbatch pulls off a fantastic look with his long face.

2. Keanu Reeves

Reeves is one of the most handsome men of all time. Over time, he could pull off different looks without losing his attractiveness.

However, many have noticed that Reeves’ face has gotten longer with time, which could be attributed to him growing a beard.

Reeves’ long face has a certain rugged quality, making him the perfect action hero in film series such as John Wick and The Matrix.

3. Jared Leto

While Leto’s face is considered average, he pulls off an amazing signature look with long hair and a thick beard.

Like Reeves, Leto’s face has gotten longer with time. With his chiseled features and piercing eyes, Leto’s long face exudes a mysterious charm.

4. Ben Affleck

Ever heard the phrase, “Why the long face?” It is often used to refer to a gloomy face. Ben has been spotted at the Grammy and events with a restful face that appears unhappy, which resulted in “Sad Affleck” memes circulating in 2016.

Ben’s long face gives him a boyish charm, but his strong jawline and shaggy beard keep him looking masculine.

5. John Krasinski

Krasinski has a long, narrow face with a broad, round jawline. He often grows a beard, which gives the illusion of a uniformly formed jaw that complements his long face.

Krasinski’s long face, combined with his easy smile, gives him a laidback, surfer ‘dude’ quality.

6. Zachary Quinto

Unlike most celebrities with long faces, Quinto has a full cheekbone and a round chin. Quinto’s long face, combined with his distinctive eyebrows, gives him a unique look that’s perfect for science fiction films. It’s no wonder he was so well-suited to play the role of Spock in the Star Trek film series.

7. David Schwimmer

Schwimmer’s long face is one of his most recognizable features, often leading to him being cast in roles that require a certain level of awkwardness. Despite this, Schwimmer has a certain charm that makes him endearing to audiences.

His sharp cheekbones and narrow jawline give him a distinguished look, which he often complements with a neatly trimmed beard.

Schwimmer’s long face adds to his overall comedic persona, making him one of the most beloved sitcom actors of the 90s.

8. Zeeko Zaki

Zeeko Zaki has a distinctively long face with a narrow jaw and deep-set eyes. However, unlike some of his fellow actors on this list, he often keeps a clean-shaven look, allowing his facial features to take centre stage.

Zaki’s long face gives him a serious and intense look, which is perfect for his role as an FBI agent in the TV series FBI.

9. Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal’s long face, with a strong jawline and prominent cheekbones, is one of his defining features.

He often grows facial hair to complement his rugged look, but even without it, his long face exudes a certain intensity that makes him perfect for different roles.

Jake’s long face, combined with his brooding expression, creates a certain intensity that’s hard for fans to ignore.

10. George Clooney

Clooney’s long face, combined with his salt-and-pepper hair, gives him a distinguished and sophisticated look. His intense gaze makes him the perfect leading man in most films and television shows.

Despite being in his fifties, Clooney still maintains his charm and sex appeal, proving that a long face can be an asset.

Unlike what most actors with long faces feel about themselves, George’s long face gives him a refined, almost aristocratic quality that is evident in his confidence.

11. Eric Balfour

Eric has a very long and angular face that makes him look like a pirate. His face is often described as ‘elongated’, but he still manages to captivate his audience with his immense talent and bright smile.

Eric’s long face and delicate features create an almost angelic look, making him the perfect choice for romantic films.

12. Adam Sandler

Sandler is an iconic comedy actor. He has a long, rounded face, a long cheek line, and a long nose. His East Coast accent further complements his facial features.

Sandler often grows a thick beard that makes his nose appear more prominent and his face longer and rugged. Unlike the case with most actors, Sandler’s long face has not changed much over time. 

13. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan’s face has a particular vulnerability to it, but it’s offset by his striking brown eyes and defined jawline.

His long face and piercing eyes create an almost cartoonish quality that some find ‘goofy’, which makes him a fascinating character in the roles he stars in.

14. Jeff Bridges

Jeff’s signature look is mid-length hair and a beard, which perfectly complements his long face. Whether he goes bald with no beard, or bald with a long beard like in the Iron Man I movie, Jeff is one of the most attractive and talented actors of all time.

Jeff’s long face has an almost horse-like quality, but his rugged good looks keep him from looking too equine.

15. Jon Favreau

Favreau has a full face and rounded cheeks. However, during his time in the sitcom Friends, Favreau appeared to have quite a slim, long face.

With his intense eyes and rugged features, Favreau’s long face gives him a slightly menacing quality, perfect for playing unconventional characters.

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The long face is a unique and intriguing facial feature that can create a distinct profile. These 15 male actors above have embraced their long faces and used them to create memorable characters on screen. What makes these actors stand out is the confidence they depict in their roles despite what others think of their long faces. So, the next time you’re looking for an actor with a distinctive look, consider one with a long face.

11 B-List Actresses in Their 40s Who Are Actually More Talented Than Most A-Listers

If you are an avid Hollywood follower, you probably would agree that so many actresses are overrated. While some are considered A-listers because of their numerous movie appearances, box office hits, and recognitions, other not-so-famous faces deserve the spot more.

These so-called B-listers probably don’t have the highest billing and don’t always get the A-list attention. However, they are recognized for their immense acting talent and societal influence. They don’t have the biggest, most recent hits, but their global fan base is massive.

Here are some B-list actresses in their 40s who have consistently demonstrated their talent, surpassing many A-listers in the industry.

1.  Felicity Jones (40 Years)

Birmingham-born British Actress Felicity Jones began her acting career at 12 years old, featuring in the 1996 famous British family TV film, the Treasure Seeker. After that, the 40-year-old was featured in numerous blockbusters such as The Worst Witch, Amazing Spiderman 2, the Weird Sister College, the Tempest, True Story, and Like Crazy, among many others.

Felicity Jones has even been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress, the BAFTA Award for Best Actress, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, and the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Actress, among many other career-defining awards, which should affirm her position as an A-lister.

2.   Hayley Atwell (41 Years)

Hayley Elizabeth Atwell is another B-lister who deserves an A-lister salute. The 41-year-old British-American actress gained popularity for her roles in the 2008 historical drama, The Duchess, which earned her the British Independent Film Award.

Hayley also earned the 2010 Golden Globe Award for her role in the 8-part TV series The Pillars of the Earth.

Her long list of movie features also includes Captain America (First Avenger and Winter Soldier), Avengers (Age of Ultron and End Game), and Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning, to name a few.

3.   Rebecca Hall (41 Years)

You probably remember her as Ana from the 2017 romantic comedy-drama Permission. Rebecca Hall also plays Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3, Evelyn Caster in Transcendence, Jules in Teen Spirit, and Dr. Grace Hart in Holmes & Watson.

The 41-year-old British actress has also been featured in Awakening, Closed Circuit, A Promise, The Gift, the Dinner, and Passing, among many others. Her latest appearance is in Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire, slated for 2024.

4.   Kirsten Dunst (41 Years)

Kirsten Dunst is a 41-year-old American-German actress who gained instant recognition for playing Claudia, a child vampire, in the 1994 American horror film Interview with the Vampire, where she starred alongside Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. The film earned her a nomination for the Golden Globe Best Supporting Actress role.

Since then, Kirsten Dunst has been featured in numerous films, including Little Women, ER (Season 3), Wag the Dog, Bring It On, and Get Over It, among many others. Her role in Spiderman is arguably her highlight, which should earn her an A-list recognition.

5.   Cobie Smulders (41 Years)

Very few Canadian actresses are as established as Cobie Smulders. The 41-year-old mother of two is famous for her role in CBS’s sitcom How I Met Your Mother, the Avengers (2012 edition) and Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D., where she plays the role of Agent Hill.

Other appearances that support the argument that she is an A-lister include movies like Safe Haven, Results, The Lego Movie, Stumptown, and Present Laughter.

6.   Natalie Dormer (42 Years)

Natalie Dormer is an A-list prospect, having won the prestigious annual British Empire Award and earned nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Award, Critics Choice Awards, and Gemini Awards.

The 42-year-old British actress grabbed the movie world’s attention for her appearance in Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, and Cressida.

7.   Mindy Kaling (44 Years)

44-year-old American actress Mindy Kaling was recognized by Time Magazine in 2013 as one of the world’s most influential people.

She even received the 2022 National Medal of the Arts Award from President Biden. That alone, coupled with her numerous appearances on blockbusters like Despicable Me, No Strings Attached, Ocean’s 8, and Late Night, should earn her an A-list spot.

8.   Evangeline Lily (44 Years)

Evangeline Lily is a 44-year-old Canadian actress who most people recognize from ABC’s drama series Lost, which earned a Golden Globe nomination in the Best Actress Drama category.

Besides, she has featured in Reel Steel, the Hobbit, and Ant-Man, among other hits, which should stamp her name as an A-lister.

9.  Zoe Saldana (45 Years)

Just for her role in the Avatar (2009), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Avengers: End Game (2019), and Avatar: The Way of Water (2022), 45-year-old Zoe Saldana certainly should be an A-lister. After all, the four movies are among the highest-grossing films in history.

The mother of three was the 2nd highest-grossing film actress in history in 2023. Time Magazine even named her one of the world’s top 100 most influential people.

10. Liv Tyler (46 Years)

Live Tyler started as a model at 14 years before making her film debut in 1994 in the American psychological thriller Silent Fall. The 46-year-old went on to feature in the Lord of Rings, Reign Over Me, the Incredible Hulk, the Strangers, and Harlots, features that should surely earn her an A-list recognition.

11. Judy Greer (48 Years)

Judy Greer kick-started her acting career in 1999, playing a supporting role in the American dark comedy Jawbreaker. The 48-year-old American actress would later feature in What Women Want, 27 Dresses, Elizabeth Town, 13 Going On 30, Love & Other Drugs, and The Village.

Judy Greer has received multiple nominations over the years, which should enlist her among the A-listers. Notable ones include the Teen Choice Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and Critics Choice Movie Awards.

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Judging by their mastery of the acting craft, role execution, recognition, and fan base, the above actresses surely deserve a spot among A-listers. It’s an undeniable injustice to call them B-listers as you could argue they are more talented than most A-listers, and we hope that the movie world will soon realize that and accord them their due recognition.

6 Oldest People Living With Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

It’s widely acknowledged that excessive drinking can have detrimental effects on our health. As a result, many of us consume alcohol in moderation. Even pregnant women have been known to take a small amount of whiskey or wine which most of us consider safe, but do you know that alcohol can harm an unborn baby? Unlike adults, their bodies are unable to metabolize alcohol efficiently.

Kids who are exposed to alcohol during the fetal stage end up with a condition known as Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). This condition can affect their development while growing up, leaving them with learning disabilities and poor memory. But just because you have FAS doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your dreams in life.

Many people including celebrities and politicians have made a name for themselves despite their condition. They have learned how to manage it and turn their shortcomings into a success story.  It may have taken them longer to learn, but now they can read scripts and have starred in some of the blockbusters that we enjoy.

Here is a list of the oldest people with fetal alcohol syndrome who have gone against the norm and achieved their goals in life.  

1. Bernie Sanders (82 Years Old)

Rumors of him having FAS started spreading during his initial stage as a politician. Unfortunately, no one in his team has ever denied or confirmed if Sanders has FAS. This has resulted in his opponent using it against him, but instead of defending himself, he has been advocating for people with FAS for years.

He may have not confirmed the rumors, but his activism for FAS strengthens the claim that he has the condition. People believe that he has FAS because of his poor social cues and prickly eyes.  

2. Gary Burghoff (80 Years Old)

The famous M.A.S.H actor was born with a condition known as brachydactyly which is triggered by the Poland condition that’s associated with FAS. This condition was hidden in most episodes, but once in a while, his fans could notice it.

3. Jim Carrey (62 Years Old)

Another top celebrity with this condition who has succeeded in Hollywood is Jim Carrey. Carrey always shares about his upbringing and he claims that he is from an alcoholic family and his mother struggled with drug and alcohol use.

Exposure to alcohol before being born left him with various conditions including uncontrollable sporadic seizures and involuntary facial contortion. But he used the involuntary facial contortions to his advantage and became the celebrity he is today. His fans love him for his unique facial expressions.

4. Frances’s Story (Over 50 Years Old)

According to CDC, Frances was born about 6 weeks earlier and weighed about 3 pounds. While growing up, she had a problem with making friends and learning issues in school. But she did manage to finish school and even go to college and get a job.  

Since she didn’t know what was wrong, she went from job to job, but she later started seeing a therapist and even got the right medication for FAS. She still struggles sometimes, but she always tells people that there is hope.

5. Joaquin Phoenix (50 Years Old)

Phoenix has checked himself into rehab several times in his career with the most memorable moment being in 2005 after he had finished filming. The star has had a tough upbringing, thanks to his heavy drinking mum which resulted in him developing FAS.

Phoenix has a unique scar that runs from his nose to his upper lip. The scar is referred to as a microform cleft lip that kids develop during the 1st weeks in their mother’s womb. 

6. DJ Peter Bowers (44 Years Old)

Abandoned by his mother before he turned 2, the DJ has spent years struggling with FAS, thanks to his mother’s heavy drinking behavior while she was pregnant with him. His condition made it hard for him to fit in various care facilities and foster homes. Despite the struggle, the Scottish has managed to develop a unique career as a DJ.

FAS may be a tough condition that can make it hard for you to learn in school or even make friends. But that doesn’t mean that you should give up or stop motivating a family member with this condition. After all, the above celebrities went through the same struggle and made it in life, so why shouldn’t you? The struggle made them stronger and a better fit for their careers with some becoming activists for people with FAS.

12 Black Celebrities Who Have Dealt With Cold Sores

Cold sores may not be as dangerous as other STDs, but they can be quite embarrassing. And that’s because hiding the tiny blisters on your lips or face is impossible. Sure, you can wear the facial masks that became popular during the Covid-19 period, but you will have to remove it at some point.

Cold sores may be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but did you know that it affects over two-thirds of the world’s population? This includes several celebrities who have owned them with pride. Some of these celebrities have even raised awareness and helped make this condition socially acceptable.

They have uploaded various photos of themselves with blisters on their lips and faces on social media. Luckily, most of these posts have received positive responses, with their fans appreciating their honesty and openness.

So if you have cold sores then you shouldn’t be ashamed as the following black celebrities have dealt with this condition at some point in their lives.

1. Rihanna

Back in 2008 when Rihanna was dating Chris Brown, she was seen with tiny blisters on her lips. Some tabloids claim that Chris attacked her in his car the night before the 2009 Grammys after she gave him cold sores. Some tabloids even claimed that she got the STD from Jay-Z.

Starkeema Greenidge also claims that she got cold sores after sampling a lipstick she had been given by Rihanna’s sponsors. She sued the superstar for an unspecified amount for emotional distress and mental anguish.

2. Janet Jackson

Back in the late 1990s, Janet suffered from this virus secretly and was seen with blisters on her lips. To hide the condition, she used her chef’s name to get medication, which was illegal. And after her chef, Macchi Ricardo, found out he printed the prescription at the local pharmacy, and sued her in 1999. Unfortunately, the judge dismissed the case against Rene Elizondo and Janet Jackson in 2000.

3. Chris Brown

During the lawsuit of Rihanna against him, Chris Brown said that the Barbadian singer infected him with cold sores. Brown said that he woke up with blisters on his private parts and when urinating it popped which was quite scary. The singer has been spotted with some cold sores on his lips which disappear after a few weeks.

4. Michael Jackson

After Michael’s death, a lady known as Shelly Smith sued his estate demanding $10 million. She claimed that the superstar infected her with herpes over 4 decades ago and ruined her life. During the trial, Shelly said that she started sleeping with Michael in 1979 and after a few weeks, she got blisters on her lips, face and legs. She said that he was his only sexual partner and believes that he is the one who infected her.

5. Michael Vick

A 26 years old lady, known as Sonya Elliott, claims that the Falcon quarterback knowingly gave her cold sores in the early 2000s. Elliott sued Vick on March 14, 2003 seeking damages for the infection and the quarterback’s negligence. Sonya sued after Vick refused to help get treatment after she started suffering. The case was settled for an undisclosed amount in 2006.

6. Usher

Another singer who has had to deal with lawsuits from women claiming that he infected them with herpes is Usher. He has been sued by various women and even settled the first case in 2012 for an undisclosed amount. Usher has had to pay millions of dollars in settlements against a number of women.

7. Mariah Carey

According to, Carey is part of a popular herpes tree. The singer dated Jeter for a few months and is believed to have contracted this condition from him. Unfortunately, she has never talked about the condition.

8. Derek Jeter

Jeter has been accused of infecting several women with cold sores over the years including some top names like Jessica Alba and Mariah Carey. Alba got infected by Jeter in 2004 and used her assistant to get a prescription for the condition. Jeter has also dated and infected Vanessa Minnillo and Scarlett Johansson.  

9. 50 Cents

Back in 2018, Shaniqua Tompkins accused Curtis Jackson of having herpes. But the rapper dismissed her ex claiming that she was bitter after her $50 million lawsuit was dismissed. The two share a son and no other woman has publicly claimed that the rapper infected them with the virus to date.

10. R Kelly

During the case against R Kelly, his physician testified that he has been infecting women with herpes since 2007. At the time, the singer was facing a federal child pornography case which he lost and was jailed for 20 years.

11. NBA Youngboy

In his song “Can’t Be Saved” NBA Youngboy claimed that he has herpes, which his fans thought were just lyrics. They were confused since the rapper didn’t confirm or deny the rumor, but his ex-girlfriend, Jania, confirmed that he does have cold sores. Jania also confirmed that she also has herpes and was surprised with Youngboy’s confession.

12. Dennis Rodman

Rodman has been dealing with scandals for decades with the most popular ones being herpes infections. The NBA star was even sued for infecting ladies with the condition. Some of the ladies who accused him of infecting them with herpes include Lisa Beth Judd who he had an on-and-off affair between 1991 and 1993.

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Knowingly transmitting an STD is illegal and this includes cold sores, which some of the above celebrities have found out the hard way. Celebrities like Usher have had to deal with herpes-related lawsuits for over a decade. On the other hand, some celebrities have owned up and shared photos of themselves with these blisters is commendable. Instead of hiding the cold sores using makeup, they have opted to raise awareness of cold sores and show us that we’re not alone in the fight against the cold sore stigma. Let their courage remind us that we are all capable of overcoming obstacles and achieving greatness, one day at a time. Let’s support and uplift each other as we navigate life’s ups and downs, knowing that we are never alone in our struggles.

15 Easy Cartoon Characters to Dress Up As

Are you planning to attend a costume party, planning your Halloween costume early, or are simply looking to add fun to your wardrobe? One way to do all that is to dress up as your favorite cartoon character. 

Dressing up as your favorite cartoon character is not very difficult. It requires imagination and creativity.

But if you have no idea where to start, here are some of the easy cartoon characters to dress up as.

1. Dora the Explorer

Dressing up like Dora the Explorer is easy. The essentials are a pink t-shirt and orange shorts, or a skirt with yellow sneakers and white socks. For more authenticity, style your hair into Dora’s classic bob with bangs. 

You could complete the look with Dora’s signature accessories: a purple backpack and a map. If you have a plush monkey toy, you could carry it as Boots the Monkey. 

2. Lisa Simpson

Lisa is one of the best characters in the long-running adult animation, The Simpson. To dress up like her, start with a strapless red dress and a faux pearls necklace with a yellow pendant.

You could mimic her spiky hairstyle with a wig, or style your own hair into a tall spiky ponytail. Make the look more authentic with red Mary Jane shoes and a saxophone prop. 

3. Peter Pan

Peter Pan’s classic forest green tunic or shirt paired with brown leggings is probably the easiest costume to come up with.

Accessorize with a thin brown belt around your waist and green hat with a red feather tucked into the band.

You could complete the look with a toy dagger, and you will be ready to fly off to Neverland. 

4. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is another easy cartoon character to dress as. Start with black shorts and a red short-sleeved shirt.

Add large yellow buttons down the front of the shirt for authenticity. Wear white gloves on your hands and large yellow shoes on your feet.

You could craft Mickey Mouse ears using black felt attached to a headband, and draw his signature features, like his round black ears and nose, onto the felt.  

5. Carmen Sandiego

If you decide to go as the international thief, Carmen Sandiego, the essentials are a high collar red trench coat and a matching wide-brimmed red hat.

Pair these with black pants or leggings and black boots. You could accessorize with black gloves and dark sunglasses.

6. Esmeralda

To go as Esmeralda, from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” you need a white off-the-shoulder blouse with billowy sleeves and an ankle-length patterned skirt.

You could accessorize with a colorful scarf tied around the waist. For more authenticity, consider styling your hair with loose waves adorned with flowers or ribbons. 

7. Jessica Rabbit

A Jessica Rabbit costume requires a form-fitting red sequin dress with a sweetheart neckline and high slit, a faux fur stole, long purple gloves, and red high heels.

You should also probably style your hair into voluminous waves or curls and add a deep side part. For makeup, go for a sultry look with bold red lips and dramatic eyeliner. 

8. Aladdin

For Aladdin, start with a white long-sleeved shirt, a waistcoat, and beige or cream loose-fitting pants. Complete the look with a red fez hat with a tassel and colorful sash around your waist. 

9. Cinderella

The highlight of Cinderella’s outfit is the light blue ball gown with a fitted bodice and full skirt. The dress should have delicate details like sequins or lace. Go curly hair, preferably blonde, and a jeweled headband or tiara. Don’t forget crystal-like heels. 

10. Cruella De Vil

The villain from 101 Dalmatians wears a white faux fur coat and a black form-fitting dress. You have to style your hair half-white half-black to achieve the iconic look. Embrace your villainous side with red lipstick, black heels, and long black gloves.

11. Queen of Hearts

You can go as the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland” by wearing a red, black, and white dress with a heart motif.

Alternatively, wear a red dress and make a DIY collar with a deck of cards. A black and red heart-shaped tiara or crown will also achieve the “queen effect.”

12. Pinocchio

Bring Pinocchio to life with a beige long-sleeved shirt, red shorts, white knee-high socks, and black shoes.

You could craft the long nose from cardboard, or use face paint to create the illusion of a growing nose.

13. White Rabbit

The rabbit is supposed to be white, so should your outfit. Look for white, long-sleeved shirt and white pants or leggings. Add a black waistcoat or vest on top, and wear a pocket watch on a chain around your neck.

Use white or pink felt to create rabbit ears or buy a bunny ear headband. Wear white gloves and white shoes or shoe covers. Paint your face white and add pink accents to your nose and cheeks for more authenticity. 

14. Olaf

To go as Olaf from “Frozen,” look for a white sweatshirt and sweatpants. In the middle of the sweatshirt, craft Olaf’s facial characteristics, the eyes and carrot nose using felt or fabric paint. For authenticity, wear a large snowflake or snowman headband on your head.

15. Elsa

For Elsa, Princess of Arendelle, you will need a light blue or icy blue floor-length dress with long sleeves. Consider a dress with sparkly or sequined accents to mimic Elsa’s magical ice powers.

Add a sheer cape or shawl in a matching shade of blue, preferably with glittery details. Style your hair into a loose braid or bun with loose strands framing your face. Accessorize with a tiara or crown adorned with snowflakes. 

For makeup, opt for frosty blue eyeshadow, glittery highlights, and a pale lip color. With these enchanting details, you will embody the elegance and grace of Queen Elsa!

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Embark on a nostalgic journey and bring your favorite cartoon characters to life with these delightful dress-up ideas. Our list of easy cartoon characters to dress up as include classic icons like Mickey Mouse to modern favorites like Elsa from “Frozen.” 

Whether you’re gearing up for a costume party, Halloween, or a themed event, this article offers creative and easy-to-assemble outfits that capture the essence of beloved cartoon characters. 

What Is Khloe Kardashian’s IQ? Is It Higher Than Her Sisters’?

Kim has always said that she is the brains behind the success of her family, but without her siblings (Kourtney and Khloe) their empire won’t be where it is right now.

Despite their success in the reality TV world, Khloe has endured the most. She experienced memory loss, migraine, and even tested positive for COVID-19.

Her success while fighting migraine and memory loss has left us wondering if the youngest Kardashian sister has a higher IQ than her sisters.

So, what is Khloe Kardashian’s IQ?

Generally, there is no definitive way of answering this query as determining the exact IQ of an individual is difficult.

But most people believe that Khloe has a higher IQ than her sisters. Khloe hasn’t publicly shared her IQ score, it is believed that she has a score of about 140. This places her at a very superior intelligence level, which would explain her success in her field while dealing with migraine and memory loss.

Her sister Kim is believed to have a score of 120 which is still above average. If anything, creating and sustaining a successful reality TV show for over a decade, with viewership steadily growing by the day, demands nothing short of a high IQ.

This means that the Kardashian family members are quite clever and the way they have captured and maintained our attention for over a decade is exceptional.

Why Khloe Is Considered to Be More Intelligent

Khloe has been one of the major players in pop culture, thanks to their reality TV show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Other than being a reality TV star, she is also a socialite, media personality, model, and author. The success of their original show which aired for over a decade saw them create many spinoffs.

Khloe partnered with Kourtney in several spinoffs starting with “Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami” which aired between 2009 and 2013. They followed this spinoff with “Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons” which aired between 2014 and 2015.

Khloe has used her fame to make a fortune for herself by launching various products. She became Burst Oral Care’s brand ambassador in 2019 and then collaborated with Kylie Cosmetics to create Kylie Cosmetic x Koko Kollection.

In the same year, the three sisters introduced 3 new perfumes in the market (one for each sister). Khloe owns the Pink Diamond fragrance which was a success.

She is also the co-owner and brand ambassador of Dose & Co, a Kiwi collagen supplement firm.

Basically, anything the sisters endorse turns into gold and Khloe has used her fame to earn millions over the years. Currently, she is believed to be worth over $60 million.

Certainly, Khloe may not boast the same level of wealth as Kim and Kylie. However, her accomplishments and ability to keep pace with her sisters, despite battling amnesia and memory loss following an accident in 2001, underscore one undeniable fact: she possesses a superior IQ. 

11 Inverted Triangle-Shaped Models Inspiring the Fashion World

We humans are uniquely created, and our body shapes differ from others. Some have an inverted triangle-shaped body, also known as the V-shape or strawberry shape, with a bigger upper body, especially the shoulders and burst, and a narrower waistline and hip, more like an inverted triangle.

Interestingly, most of these people are famous models and fashion icons that millions look up to for inspiration on dressing styles.

Here are our favorite models with this amazing body shape:

1.   Naomi Campbell

British supermodel Naomi Campbell began her modeling career at the age of 8. She was the first black woman to grace the cover of Vogue France and Time Magazine.

The 53-year-old v-shaped mother of 2 has graced almost every runway event you can think of and has modeled for who is who in the fashion world. This includes Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior, Luis Vuitton, Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger, Hermes, Victoria’s Secret, and Versace, to name a few.

2.   Cindy Crawford

Though 53-year-old American model Cindy Crawford isn’t modeling full-time anymore, her frequent appearances in fashion magazines prove she’s still a force to reckon with.

The V-shaped model has modeled alongside British supermodel Naomi Campbell (shared earlier), Canadian fashion model Linda Evangelista, and American fashion model Christy Turlington.

3.   Victoria Beckham

Most people know her as the wife of former English professional soccer player David Beckham.

However, Victoria Beckham is an established fashion icon and ambassador.

As a model and fashion ambassador, Victoria has modeled and worked for Diffusion, Dolce & Gabbana, Rocawear, and Rock & Republic, among other giant fashion brands.

4.   Elizabeth Hurley

British fashion model Elizabeth Hurley first debuted as a fashion model for American cosmetic company Estee Lauder in 1995, having no prior experience.

While the experience wasn’t great, the V-shaped model became a sought-after face, modeling for Lancel, Saloni, Jordache, Monson, and Shiatzy Chen, among other fashion brands.

5.   Uma Thurman

Talk of a woman who can juggle between the streets of Hollywood and the runway and still be a success. That’s Uma Thurman for you.

The V-shaped American mother of 3 got into modeling at 15 when she signed for Click Models. That saw her model for Glamour and Vogue magazines, Louis Vuitton fashion hose, and other big brand names.

6.   Giselle Bundchen

Giselle Bundchen is a Brazilian fashion model who’s among the highest-paid today.

In 2012, Forbes listed her as the top-earning model and the 89th most powerful woman in the world.

Giselle has it all: charm, beauty, an entrepreneurial mind, and an inverted triangle figure, which continues to be one of the driving forces for her modeling success.

7.   Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is a famous Canadian media personality, actress, and model. Before getting into media and acting, Pamela began as a model, and she first graced the cover of Playboy Magazine in 1989.

She worked with Playboy for over 25 years, appearing more than any other model. Later, Anderson would grace the covers of Elle, Marie Claire, W, and Flare magazines.

8.   Charlize Theron

South Africa-born American actress Charlize Theron is another woman who has successfully juggled acting and modeling.

The V-shaped Hollywood sensation, who’s famous for hits like Mad Max Fury, Gringo, Fast X, and the Old Guard, first pursued modeling at 16 years when she won a contest while staying in Salerno, Italy.

Charlize, however, decided to move to Milan to try the runway. She migrated to the US a year later, where her career took a different turn.

Instead of pursuing modeling and her first love, dancing, she went the Hollywood way, and things turned out well.

9. Twiggy the Wonder Kid

We have to return to the 60s to introduce ourselves to a woman who once ruled the fashion world. Her name is Twiggy the Wonder Kid, and she is a supermodel inspired by the late English model Jean Shrimpton.

Following Shrimpton’s example, the V-shaped Twiggy kept her hair long like Twiggy and would charge up to £80 an hour. That saw leading magazines at the time, like Vogue, Newsweek, and the New Yorker, court her to be the face of their covers.

10. Angelina Jolie

Most people know her from Hollywood hits like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Salt, The Tourist, Alexander, and The Bone Collector. However, American actress Angelina Jolie is more than just a Hollywood A-lister. She is also a fashion icon.

According to reports, Angelina Jolie is launching her clothing line, Atelier Jolie, which will showcase her craftsmanship as a fashion designer. The V-shaped mother of six has endorsed several fashion brands, notably French luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton and California-based knitwear St. John.

11. Cristiano Ronaldo

While Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for his on-field success as a soccer player and one of the best of his generation, he’s also one of the most influential fashion icons and V-shaped male models of this generation.

Cristiano Ronaldo models his socks and underwear lines, which he co-designs with New York-based designer Richard Chan. His fashion brands include premium CR7 signature shirts, shoes, and fragrances.

Styling Tips For Inverted Triangle Body Shape

To help you navigate fashion with confidence like these models, here are essential styling tips you can always leverage if you have an inverted triangle body shape:

  • Emphasize the waist: Opt for clothing that cinches at the waist to create definition and balance out broader shoulders.
  • V-necklines: Choose tops and dresses with V-necklines to draw attention away from the shoulders and elongate the upper body.
  • A-line skirts and dresses: Balance out wider shoulders with A-line skirts and dresses that flare out from the waist, creating a more proportional silhouette.
  • Darker tops, lighter bottoms: Opt for darker-colored tops and lighter-colored bottoms to visually minimize the upper body and draw attention downwards.
  • Wrap tops and dresses: Wrap styles help create the illusion of a smaller waist and add curves to the lower body, balancing out broader shoulders.
  • Wide-leg pants: Balance out broader shoulders with wide-leg pants that add volume to the lower body, creating a more proportionate silhouette.
  • Avoid shoulder pads: Steer clear of tops or jackets with shoulder pads, as they can exaggerate the width of the shoulders.
  • Statement jewelry: Draw attention away from the shoulders by accessorizing with statement necklaces or earrings.
  • Opt for tailored fits: Choose clothing with tailored fits that accentuate the waist and create a streamlined silhouette.

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Undoubtedly, many celebrities and models, in particular, have an inverted triangle body shape and are our modern-day fashion icons. These individuals demonstrate what it means to rock clothes that flatter the v-shaped figure, and they have been a part of why inverted triangle body shapes are more appreciated nowadays.