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All about Rozina Negusei, One of Akon’s Wives

What comes to your mind when you hear Akon’s name?

If polygamy is one of those things, you will find this post interesting.

Yes, Akon is not only an accomplished international musician but has a thing for women too.

However, this post’s focus isn’t on Akon but on one of his wives, Rozina Negusei.

You already know who Akon is, so it’s time to get acquainted with one of his speculated four wives.

So, who is Rozina Negusei?

What is she known for individually besides being associated with the famous Akon?

 This bio will address Rozina’s family, career, education, net worth, love life, and everything in between.

Here is a quick profile summary to get you started:

Rozina Negusei Profile Summary

Full NameRozina Brook Negusei
Birthday2nd January 1978
Birth PlaceSouth Wollo, Dessie Amhara Region, Ethiopia
NationalityAmerican, Ethiopian
ParentsBrook Negusei (father) and Astray Hagos(mother)
Siblings3 sisters (Ruth, Naomi, and Meron)and 4 brothers (Biniam, Natnael, Joseph B, and Isak B)
EducationBachelor in Business Administration from the University of South Florida
OccupationBusinesswoman, Investor, Music Producer, Casting Director, Fashion Designer, and Philanthropist
Net Worth Above $10 million
WebsitesInfoentreegrecords.wixsite.com   brightfutureforethiopia.org
Social MediaInstagram: @rozybn   Facebook: Rozina B Negusei

Rozina Negusei Early Life

Rozina was born in 2nd January 1978 to parents Brook Negusei and Astrat Hagos.

She was born in Ethiopia’s Dessie Amhara Region but grew up in Tampa, Florida, after her family fled to the US following political unrest in Ethiopia in 1989 when Rozina was 11.

She grew up alongside three sisters; Naomi Solomon, Melon Solomon, and Ruth Solomon, and four brothers; Natnael Solomon, Biniam Solomon, Joseph B Negusei, and Isak B Negusei.

Rozina’s Education Background

Rozina Negusei’s available information on her education only touches on her post-high school studies.

She enrolled at the University of Florida for a Degree in Business Administration and Management.

The course empowered her to become an entrepreneur in the entertainment industry and an investor.

Rozina Negusei Career Timeline

People tend to think that women who get married to famous and rich celebrities like Akon don’t need to work because their husbands can finance their lifestyle.

Well, that is not the case for Rozina because besides being associated with Akon, she has a career she is proud of.

 The mother of two ventured into the music industry after discovering a gap within the music industry; video vixens shortage.

While in college, she would visit Miami, and after encountering many artists, they would request her to be a vixen in their music videos.

She took it upon herself to outsource fitting girls for the musicians as a self-made casting director.

Rozana wanted to learn more about the entertainment industry, and a casting director she worked with helped her polish her video production skills.

Armed with her video production and cast directing skills, Rozina founded Zanar Entertainment LLC in 2006.

As a video producer, Rozina has enjoyed the privilege to work with some of the biggest names in the American music field, such as Lady Gaga, Jay Z, T Pain, and Usher.

She is also known for spearheading the production of the Chocolate City film.

 While running Zanar Entertainment, Rozina noted that male artists took advantage of desperate girls by sleeping with them in exchange for a chance to get featured in their music videos or offer them a platform to explore their talents.

The observation encouraged her to start the Entreeg Record Label in 2009, aiming to offer female artists an equal opportunity to navigate their entertainment careers away from exploitation by men in the industry.

In an interview with The Voice of Africa, she also revealed that her record label seeks to propel African music internationally because she has established a strong connection with international radio hosts and DJs.

Entreeg works side by side with Akon’s record label KonLive.

Rozina enjoys her career because, as she mentioned in an interview, it is fulfilling to help someone become successful in the music industry, and she gets to meet new people and visit several countries.

Furthermore, Rozina has a taste for fashion and scrolling through her Instagram page can prove it.

 She co-founded Rasjudah Clothing, a clothing line that designs and sells clothes online and in its physical stores.

Rozina Negusei’s Investments

Away from running a successful music production company, Rozina is also deep into investments.

Her 2021 visit to Uganda made headlines after she injected $12 million into the East African country’s entertainment, real estate, agriculture, and solar sectors.

Isaac Kigozi, the Managing Director of East African Partners (EAP), arranged her visit.

Rozina met with the country’s president Yoweri Museveni during her visit.

Two months later, Rozina returned to Uganda with her husband, Akon, for another investment trip.

During the visit, Akon pledged to construct a $6 billion worth city dubbed Akon City.

He also met the president alongside other stakeholders and, to top it all, was offered a vast land to actualise the city project.

The couple spent quality time in Uganda, even finding time to visit the source of the River Nile in Lake Victoria.

Rozina’s Charity Work Involvement

Rozina Negusei, alongside other Ethiopians living in the US, runs a charity organist called Bright Future for Ethiopia.

One of the organization’s objectives is to improve food security in Ethiopia by partnering with and empowering local farmers.

Rozina Negusei’s Family

Rozina is married to Akon, and they have two children.

It is unclear the number Rozina occupies as one of the musician’s wives.

 Also, details about the legality of their marriage can’t be found anywhere, and it is hard to establish how the two met.

Some sources address Rozina as Akon’s girlfriend while others address her as one his several wives.

None between the two has ever discussed the details of their marriage publicly.

She rarely posts about her children and husband on social media, implying that she prefers private life.

Rozina Negusei’s Net Worth

Rozina is, without a doubt, a successful entrepreneur and investor.

While no reliable sources indicate her net networth, Rozina must be worth above $10 million, referencing her Uganda investment.

Multiple sources place her husband’s net worth at $60 million, which means she has a share because their two record labels work hand in hand.

The couple may also be running joint investments, given their joint visit to Uganda in 2021.


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