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All About David Dindi, CEO of Atomic Invest

David Dindi is the co-founder and CEO of Atomic Invest, a financial startup aimed at helping financial institutions, banks, and credit unions provide consumer services to customers more easily.

His business covers a wide variety of investment services including multi-currency trading, direct indexing, and ESG investing, offering them without account minimums.

He is a remarkable leader who has diverse experience in the financial industry and has transformed people’s perceptions of investment.

Profile summary

·         Full name: David Dindi

·         Age: 30 years

·         Nationality: Kenyan

·         Education: Master’s in chemical engineering and computer science

·         Occupation: Software engineer

David Dindi’s Background and Career

David Dindi’s personal life is not well known, but judging from what is in the limelight, he was born in Kenya.

His father was a Lecture at the University of Nairobi. At six, his father got a job at the United Nations and moved to Austria.

According to an interview with Nigel Morris, the co-founder of QED Investors, Ndindi graduated from Vienna International School, where he earned a diploma in baccalaureate studies.

Later, he moved to the United States to study chemical engineering and computer science at Stanford University.

Earlier in his career, he conducted analysis on AI research for drug development and safety at Stanford University School of Medicine, as well as deep learning for natural language processing within the same institution.

He co-founded Clariful Health in 2016, where he showed his entrepreneurial skills by enabling large healthcare systems to improve efficiency through using artificial intelligence to help to streamline patient health records.

He also held a quantitative analyst position at Makena Capital Management, a firm that manages grants and investments worth approximately $19 billion.

Ndindi also worked as a quant for Evidence-Based Portfolio Management.

How Dindi Started Atomic Invest

Having done his research, he realized that a large population was struggling to access investment opportunities because of high costs and complex investment platforms. 

He stated that technology has enabled him to establish an advanced system that provides solutions to complex problems.

His invention provided an easy investing solution that caters to everyone. 

Together with Marco Alban Hidalgo, Dindi launched the platform to make financial investing simple and affordable

Founded in 2020, Atomic Invest takes pride in establishing essential monetary infrastructure for companies to enable them to offer enhanced products, increase customer engagement and unlock new revenue streams to end users seamlessly.

The San Francisco-based firm pride itself on offering an intuitive interface that makes investing accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level.

Atomic Invest platform offers guidance to its clientele through Helium Advisor LLC which gives investment advice to customers on issues such as creating a suitable portfolio that matches investors’ goals and risk lenience. 

The firm also charges an affordable fee to make its services accessible to investors of all levels.

Since Dindi had a financial and technology background, he says people used to seek investment advice from him, and this in return provided him with an idea to start off the company.

According to him, many people could not invest because of various barriers ranging from the need for regulation by the SEC and FINRA to the need of building compliance programs.

 So, he came up with a solution enabling them to access investment opportunities within a few weeks without undergoing the burden that comes with in-house regulation, brokerage operations, hiring of additional staff, and core competence.

With his diverse experience, Dindi believes that banks and FinTech should invest in his platform to stay competitive and build relationships with customers.

He says because most institutions have financial components attached to them, they need to be swift to satisfy the end users by incorporating Atomic Invest’s straightforwardness system.

How Dindi Led Atomic Invest to Success

Dindi’s background in finance has been an instrumental tool in Atomic Invests’ success. 

However, apart from his experience, in November 2021 his firm received a boost of Ksh 3.4 billion (equivalent to $25 million) from QED investors and Anthemis and more contributions from the Softbank fund and Y combinator.

According to FinLedger, Atomic Invest was among the first 16 minority startup to get a $100 deal from Softbank Opportunity Fund.

Having a clear vision for the company, he has attracted millions of investors by providing tailor-made options fit for them.

For example, the platform has sections where users can choose investment preferences, and also get educational tools for the stock market.

Additionally, David says because of his company’s collaboration with banks and other companies, reaching millions of customers has been made possible.

He has also partnered with associates such as Upside which build wealth management products to enable students to convert loan debt into investment opportunities. 

Dindi’s Achievements

According to Forbes, Dindi’s firm has signed up almost 50 clients within two years thus bringing a change in the investment landscape.

 His firm is accredited for aiding people to take a small fraction of shares in various markets through direct indexing.

Currently, his company provides investment capabilities to 60 different international markets.

In June this year, Atomic Invest made it to Forbes’s top 50 FinTech list of 2023.

He was ranked among other CEOs including Sanjay Desai (CEO and co-founder of Mudflap), Danielle Cohen – Shohet (CEO of Gloss genius), Hussein Fazal (CEO and co-founder Super com), Sean Harper (CEO and founder of Kin Insurance).

Dindi has achieved this great milestone although many startups have failed along the way because of employee layoffs, cash decline and valuation dwindling.

Despite facing competition from Atomic Invest’s market rivals such as Sweater, TIFIN, and Kueski, Dindi’s firm has managed to secure a position among the top FinTech companies.

Dindi Plans

Dindi stated that with the new funding received, his plan is to expand the current workforce of 16 members to a total of 50.

His primary focus will be on hiring engineers, a legal team, as well as sales and operations personnel.

He intends to scale up Atomic Invest capacity to accommodate over 3 million investment accounts.

Currently, David Dindi serves as the Chief executive Officer whereas Marco Alban is the Chief Technology officer.

Before Atomic, Alban co-led UIPath, a software company that uses machine learning to allow healthcare providers, large banks, and retailers to engage AI in the automation of their systems.

When asked during an interview where his energy comes from, he said his vigor comes from his personal story because he has benefited from hard work which has helped him lay a foundation that inspires others.

He alludes his success to the fact that he and Alban are mission-driven and committed to making wealth accessible to all human beings.

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