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Safaricom Foundation Scholarships: Qualification, How to Apply, & Selection Criteria  

Safaricom Foundation is a corporate foundation founded by Safaricom PLC twenty years ago (2003).

It partners with other corporates, communities, and institutions in Kenya to embark on projects aimed at transforming the lives and livelihoods of Kenyans.

One of the foundation’s initiatives that have caught the interest of many Kenyans is the annual vocational training institutions (VTI) and secondary school student scholarships.

Below are some of the things you need to know about Safaricom Foundation scholarships.

What Kind Of Support Do Beneficiaries Get?

Successful secondary school applicants of the scholarships get uniforms, tuition fees, and shopping from form one admission through form four.

Their vocational training institution and college counterparts get fully funded to study both locally and abroad.

The funding covers tuition fees and accommodation costs which are not affordable to many of the beneficiaries who come from humble backgrounds.

Qualifications for Safaricom Foundation Scholarships

To qualify for the Safaricom Foundation secondary school education scholarship, one must perform well in their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) and have been admitted to a secondary school or vocational training institution.

There must be proof of financial challenges facing the applicant’s family, thus the need for the scholarship. 

Who Qualifies for the Scholarships?

Safaricom Foundation scholarships are meant for Kenyan youth from poor family backgrounds.

The scholarships target such youth joining various secondary schools and vocational training institutions but are facing challenges in paying school fees.

Learners who are beneficiaries of other scholarships do not qualify for the Safaricom Foundation scholarships.

Foreigners do not qualify for scholarships.

Requirements for Application of the Scholarship

The applicants must provide the required documents at the point of application for the scholarship.

KCPE results slip, admission letter, a copy of birth certificates, and a duly filled out Safaricom Foundation Scholarship application form are required.

How to Apply

Applications for the Safaricom Foundation scholarships are open once every year.

The process of applying for the Safaricom Foundation Scholarship is simple and is done online.

Hard-copy applications are not accepted.

You need to download the application form from the foundation’s website and fill in the required details.

Once the form is ready, attach the other required documents including the KCPE results slip, a copy of the birth certificate and an admission letter.

In case of disability, the applicant must provide details of the disability for consideration.

The application process is free of charge and no fees are charged at any point.

Selection Criteria

Applicants with a good academic track record and from a poor family are given priority in the allocation of the scholarships.

Applicants who do not properly complete the forms, those who submit erroneous details, or those who leave out some documents when submitting the application are disqualified immediately.

Multiple applications by one applicant are also not considered.

Difference between Safaricom Foundation and Mpesa Foundation Scholarships

Safaricom Foundation and Mpesa Foundation are two separate entities each with autonomous operations.

The two foundations are owned by Safaricom PLC and complement each other in the implementation of the corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs of Safaricom PLC.

Safaricom Foundation focuses mainly on education scholarships and other socio-economic programs while Mpesa Foundation runs the MPesa Foundation Academy in Ngoingwa near Thika in Kiambu County.

The academy admits needy students from 47 Counties of Kenya and funds their studies fully.

However, parents and guardians cater for the transport costs to and from school.

The academy offers the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum with MYP, DP and CP.

Despite running its own school, the Mpesa Foundation is also actively involved in educational programs in other schools across the country.

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