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King Kaka’s Net Worth Revealed

When we talk about the top 5 best rappers in Kenya, King Kaka makes the list.

He is famously known for hit songs like Ligi Soo,  Dundaing, Wajinga Nyinyi, and Lini, in which he featured Tanzanian singer Rich Mavoko.

What most of his fans ask is: has his successful music career translated into riches?

Well, today we are going to answer that question by looking at his wealth portfolio.

But before we do that, let’s look at his biography in brief.

  • Real name: Kennedy Tarriq Ombima (Stage name: King Kaka)
  • Tribe: Luo
  • Date of birth: 7th May 1987 (35 years)
  • Place of birth: Nairobi
  • Family: He has a wife (Nana Owiti) and three children (Ayanna Ombima, Iroma Ombima, and Gweth Ombima, though the third child belongs to his house help).

King Kaka’s Net Worth

He is estimated to be worth $ 1.5 million (Ksh 187 million).

His source of wealth is his successful music career, which started when he graduated from high school and signed a two-year recording deal with Sneed Music (formerly Dj Loop’s).

King Kaka’s Wealth Portfolio

Income from music

His successful music career has earned him millions from shows locally and internationally, including event appearances.

For example, he charges Ksh 250, 000 per show and Ksh 100, 000 for event appearances.

However, he has worked hard for these earnings.

5 years ago, he used to be paid Ksh 5000 to perform. The amount was so little his mother urged him to quit, but he kept the faith.

He has a YouTube channel with more than 400k Subscribers. He makes an average of $1,234 per month from the channel.

He also uploads his songs on other digital platforms like Boomplay, Spotify, Apple Music and so on.

These platforms guarantee him income every month from streams and downloads.

Cumulatively, he makes an average of $250, 000 from all of his digital platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, which harbors most of his fans.


He also gets income from writing.

He has written numerous articles on the lessons he’s learned from life experiences and music environments.

On 26 June 2022, he put up a post on his Facebook page stating that he has been co-writing many series on TV, including short films, making a lot of money in the process.

 He now writes and directs for Kaka Empire Films.

Teaching Career

His teaching career also contributed to his current wealth.

 In 2016, he announced that he is beginning a new journey as a lecturer at Zetech University, Thika Road Campus.

Among the courses he taught include entrepreneurship, mentorship and community development, and talent development.

Kaka Empire

He is the founder and owner of Kaka Empire, an artist management company, that has managed artists like Avril, Timmy Tdat, Rich Mavoko (from Tanzania), and Femi One.

Brand Ambassador and Influencer

King Kaka makes millions from his various ambassadorial and influencer roles.

He is the brand ambassador and influencer of more than 10 companies, including:

  • Rémy Martin
  • UNICEF Kenya
  •  Safaricom
  •  Dentmind Garden City Mall
  • Fly Skyward Express
  • Sony Middle East
  •  Peptang, Bitcasino
  •  DentMind (dental care)
  • Skyward Express
  • Showmax
  • Coca-Cola Africa

He recently bagged an ambassadorial role with Itel and


In 2015, he purchased a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 after his album, The Legend Of Kaka, performed superbly on digital platforms and TV and radio and made him a lot of money.

He has a fleet of other expensive cars that he doesn’t flaunt.

Kaka Empire’s Majik Water

He launched a water brand in 2015 called Majik Water at the Kabeberi Sevens

Clothing line

He owns a clothing line called Kaka Klothing that produces the Kaka Empire T-shirts.

Most of these T-shirts and other clothing are sold on popular e-commerce stores like Jumia.

The company is also responsible for producing and procuring clothing for shooting videos for Kaka Empire record label artists.

A Graphic Design Company

He owns a graphic design company called Taurus Media, which is responsible for all graphic design gigs for his record label.

The company also offers web design services to other clients.


While he fulfilled his childhood dream of building his mum a magnificent house, there is no information about his ownership of a house in Kenya.


In a past an interview with his wife, King Kaka opened up about his illness that almost cost his life.

He said that it began with a severe chronic sore throat that started after a family vacation at the coast.

The illness was so severe that it made him lose his sense of taste.

He also lost almost 30 kgs, his lips became red and cracked and his skin became excessively smooth.

He regained his health after prayers and several trips to the doctor.

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